Floppy Disks Vs Powerbanks And 9 Other Then & Now Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Old

House phones, walkmans, and more!

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1. House phone vs Smartphone

THEN: There was only one house phone that everyone had to share and could only be used for calls.

NOW: We all get our own smartphones that do so much more than just keep us connected to the outside world.

2. Walkman/Discman vs Spotify

THEN: Not only did we have to carry around a bulky walkman/discman, we also had to carry around our physical stock of music ughhh it was like weight training wei.

NOW: Spotify all day, errday!

3. Floppy disks vs Hard drives

THEN: Just trying to save one file could require multiple floppy disks - how did we ever survive with only 1.44mb per disk?!

NOW: Hallelujah for hard drives with huge memory capacities - we never have to worry about running out of storage space again whoooo!

4. Desktop computers vs Laptops

THEN: We have to wait long long for our desktop computers to boot up and connect to the dial-up Internet then wait even more for stuff to load. And gg if someone picks up the phone man.

NOW: Everything is so fassstttttt - the only time we have to wait is when our laptops are updating.

5. Fax machine vs E-mail

THEN: Hah wait lah, wait. Half a million years for your message to be scanned by the machine, and another half a million for the person to receive it.

NOW: Thankfully e-mail is almost instantaneous and always at our fingertips.

6. Analog TV vs Digital TV

THEN: Knowing how to fiddle with the antennae to get it in jusssttt the right position for clear reception was a legit skill. And we only had like 4 channels to choose from lol.

NOW: With digital and smart TVs, all we have to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy our favourite shows in HD. Plus, we get to endlessly binge-watch show after show!

7. MSN Messenger vs WhatsApp

THEN: MsN MeSsEnGeR wAs OuR lYfE <3 We'd log on the second we got back from school and spend ages coming up with the perfect username and status.

NOW: Between office, family, squad, and outing group chats, (not to mention all the private convos), we're never NOT on WhatsApp.

8. Friendster vs Facebook

THEN: We were super semangat to painstakingly customise our profiles with cool backgrounds, fonts, music, and also beg our friends to write us testimonials lololol.

NOW: Between endlessly scrolling our news feeds and constantly checking for notifications, FB is our ultimate time-killer.

9. Brick game console vs Steam

THEN: The good old brick game was our OG gaming console. If you were lucky, you got the ones that had multiple games in one device.

NOW: No matter what kind of gamer you are, Steam's got you covered for all your gaming needs.

10. Wired headphones vs Wireless earphones

THEN: We'd proudly wear our earphones around our neck and use them until the sponge covering completely disintegrates or the wires fray.

NOW: No more tangled wires and much better music quality thanks to wireless earphones but we gotta worry about losing them more easily.

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