KFC And McDonald's Singapore Have Some New Goodies That We Hope Will Come To Malaysia

The BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger looks really gooood.

Cover image via McDonald's Singapore / Twitter @xavierlur

New year, new fast food goodies! Well, at least for our neighbours on the other side of the Causeway, 'coz McDonald's and KFC Singapore are already making our mouths water with their 2018 welcome party.

First up, McDonald's Singapore is introducing a Southern-inspired BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger to their Signature collection. That's pretty ~gourmet~ as fast food goes, as pulled meats require a bit more time and care to make.

Pulled meats should turn out to be more tender than shredded ones, as the protein is supposed to be slow-cooked at low temperatures. McD's pulled chicken burger is tossed in BBQ sauce, complemented with purple cabbage and carrot slaw.

The BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger is priced at SGD6.45 (RM19.42) à la carte and SGD8.45 (RM25.44) for the set meal with medium fries and a drink.

The fast food chain also added an atas fried chicken variant to their menu - Italian Herb drumlets, which are seasoned which oregano and basil

They are priced at SGD2.20 (RM6.62) for two pieces and SGD10.80 (RM32.51) for ten pieces

Both the BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger and Italian Herb Drumlets will only be available for a limited time. 

They also have this thing called Cheese Loaded Fries, which is basically fries with cheese sauce and mayo drizzled all over as well as a sprinkle of crispy chicken bacon bits. #winliaolo

Meanwhile, KFC Singapore introduced a pretty sinful new thing to their value meal menu - Mac 'n' Cheese with Popcorn Chicken. Man, we miss those little chicken bits.

A new addition to the Super Value Meal, you get a Mac 'N Cheese with popcorn chicken with a piece of chicken (wing or drumstick) and a drink for only SGD5.00 (RM15.05)

What about us folks in Malaysia? We do have the Red Bean Flavoured Sundae Cones to look forward too, as well as the return of several red bean desserts and the long-awaited Prosperity Burger!

Keep a lookout for the Red Bean McFlurry and Sundae cups as well as the Red Bean pie! 

Which food item from McDonald's or KFC Singapore would you like to try most? Tell us your pick in the comments section below!

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