What Does 2020 Have In Store For Your Zodiac Animal? Here's What Peter So Has To Say

Will you have great fortune in the Year of the Rat?

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means it is time to find out your fortune in 2020 based on your zodiac

The Chinese zodiac is a classification that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. This Chinese New Year, 25 January, marks the beginning of a cycle with the Year of the Rat.

According to TIME, the Chinese zodiac is a popular astrological system to determine a person's birth year, which was popularised during the Shang Dynasty some 3,700 years ago. The tradition is still widely practised today and it is also used to predict a person's fortune of the year.

To get you into the festive mood, SAYS has gathered the best zodiac predictions from renowned feng shui master Peter So Man Fung

Peter So is an almanac master based in Hong Kong. He has over 37 years of fortune telling experience and has consulted many rich and famous celebrities, such as Cantopop stars Faye Wong and Jacky Cheung, reported South China Morning Post.

This year, Peter So has prepared fresh predictions and we have summarised what he has to say for each zodiac, as translated from China's horoscopes and zodiacs website

Here is a table summary of each zodiac fortune prediction:

If a zodiac has a clash with 'Tai Sui' (the guardian God for everything), it means that the person of that animal sign will suffer from bad luck that year, according to Your Chinese Astrology.

Scroll down to your zodiac below to find a more detailed breakdown of your fortune.

1. Rat

Career: Rats might be discouraged due to bad career fortunes for the past few years, but it will start getting better in 2020. As long as you seize the opportunity, you will be able to get a "new life". All you need to do this year is to change. You are probably using an outdated approach for your businesses. If you cannot change or innovate, then your career fortune will not rise. As for those who are employees, you should consider starting a new job or moving to a different city. It will definitely improve your current situation.

Rats have been suffering from bad fortunes for the past two years. In 2020, your wealth fortune will only be mediocre. You will not be able to have big savings. But there is a chance for you to improve your situation as long as you are willing to change. In terms of indirect wealth, Rats will see an improvement. You can make some investments, but always remember to tread carefully on this.

Love: Rats will have great love fortune in 2020. For those who are single, it is very likely for you to meet your true love this year. This person could probably be your crush. You should take the initiative to confess your feelings. With a sincere heart, you might just touch their heart. As for those who are married, you will have a stable relationship. However, you need to be careful of people with evil intent because they might cause trouble and disrupt your marriage.

Health: Rats' health fortune is generally good in 2020. And that is pretty much thanks to your optimistic mentality. You do not let emotions affect your well-being. However, due to Rats' unhealthy lifestyle - such as staying up late and eating unhealthy food - you will face the consequences in the future. Therefore, remember to change your lifestyle and do not overwork this year.

2. Ox

Career: Oxen's career will improve in 2020. Last year, Oxen's career was a bumpy ride. But thanks to good fortune this year, everything will get better. Since you are good in several areas of your work, your bosses will have a change of opinion on you. Your relationship with your colleagues will be great and they will help you out when you are in trouble. This year, Oxen will meet noble people at work too. With their help, Oxen will see tremendous growth.

Oxen's wealth fortune is not spectacular in 2020. In terms of direct wealth, Oxen are relatively good. Since there will be rapid growth in your career, a promotion or salary increment is just around the corner. You will be able to save up some money this year if you pay attention to your expenditure. You should not get overjoyed by the sudden increase in wealth and start buying expensive things. As for indirect wealth, it will not be great. While many people around you are going to be investing, you still need to tread carefully. Otherwise, you are likely to suffer great losses.

Love: Oxen's love fortune will improve this year. If you are single, you just need to pay more attention to the people around you. Some Oxen are single because you always neglect people who love you. You should chase after people close to you rather than people who are far away. As for Oxen who are already married, your marriage will get better in 2020. You and your spouse will come to an easier mutual understanding this year. Remember, there is no need to prove who is right or wrong.

Health: Oxen will suffer from a minor health problem this year. You need to pay attention to your blood pressure and sugar level. Therefore, you need to stop your unhealthy habits, such as eating sweets and not exercising. Besides, Oxen need to pay attention to your mental health. You are likely to encounter unhappy incidents in 2020. Remember not to get overwhelmed by it, otherwise you will hurt yourself. You should not pressure yourself too much as well. Spend more time with your friends so that your physical and mental health will improve.

3. Tiger

Career: Tigers will have good career fortune this year. Your diligent work ethic will be appreciated by your bosses and your relationship with your colleagues will be great. However, this fortune will only last until the end of the year. By then, your company may face a little problem. You will have to choose to either continue working with the company for a year until things get better or find a new job. If you choose the latter path, then you will need to start looking for jobs by year-end.

Tigers' wealth fortune will improve in 2020. Your direct wealth will keep rising steadily thanks to your continuous hard work. Bosses will give you new projects and you will receive an increment. However, you must save up some money for emergency needs. You cannot be complacent because your company will face difficulties by year-end. As for indirect wealth, Tigers will have small gains this year. Your friends will influence you to make some investments, which will bring you extra income. But you still have to be careful when you invest.

Love: Tigers' love fortune is pretty good this year. Tigers who are single will get into a relationship with someone close to them this year after going through a loveless 2019. As for married Tigers, you will have a happy marriage this year.

Health: Tigers' health fortune is poor in 2020. You will need to drop your unhealthy lifestyle, such as drinking, smoking, and eating oily food. You will need to exercise more to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Besides, tigers will suffer from insomnia this year. You should not use alcohol and cigarettes to overcome this problem.  

4. Rabbit

Career: Rabbits who are inherently intelligent will see an improvement in your career fortune this year. Although you will not meet any noble people in 2020, you will still advance at work as long as you bring innovative ideas to the office. However, you have to remember to always complete your day-to-day tasks in order to enjoy your career growth. Otherwise, you will make enemies. For those who just enter the workforce, do not be afraid. All you have to do is to keep a low-profile and you will slowly adapt and excel.

Rabbits made a lot of wealth last year, but could not save up the money due to a lot of minor setbacks. In 2020, your wealth fortune will improve as setbacks will stop occurring. Rabbits must learn how to manage their money better so that you can save up some money when your career takes off this year. Remember to learn from your mistakes last year.

Love: Rabbits did not have a great love fortune last year, but it will improve this year if you stop worrying about the meaning of true love. 2020 is a year of a mixed fortune for you. If you are brave enough and stop keeping your feelings inside you, you will definitely receive a response from your crush and be blessed with the relationship you have always wanted.

Health: Rabbits will face a few health problems in 2020 due to bad love fortune. You will suffer from insomnia, headaches, and colds very often if you do not fix your love problem. You are advised to eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more, and do not ignore your body when you are sick. You should also do regular health checkups.

5. Dragon

Career: Dragons who are born domineering and intelligent do not have to worry about your career. You just need to follow your heart and you will produce great results. Last year, you did not have great career advancement due to many minor setbacks. You will no longer be bothered by bad fortune this year. However, Dragons should not be too complacent because this is a test. The more successful you get, the more problems you will face. As long as you face each challenge calmly and stay humble, you will be able to reach new heights. 

With Dragons' career seeing an improvement, your overall wealth fortune will get better and stable in 2020. Despite reaching stability, it does not mean you can sit back and relax. Dragons should put yourself out there to strengthen your wealth, such as taking side jobs and participating in competitions. You will definitely be rewarded if you put in the effort. Amidst all this, remember to be prudent with your expenditure and do not get influenced by your desires.

Love: Dragons have always had a good love fortune due to your excellent qualities. However, you often find it difficult to have a lasting relationship. In 2020, your love fortune will continue to be great, but you have to change the way you treat people and do not play hard to get. Take initiatives to talk to your crush and it will definitely go well.

Health: Since Dragons will do well in your career, you must not forget to maintain a healthy body. Do not be too competitive at work and overwork yourself or put yourself at risk in dangerous situations. Otherwise, you will suffer greater losses. Take good care of your body and success will follow suit.

6. Snake

Career: Snakes will face a rough career in 2020 due to the accumulation of bad working relationships you have with others over the years. You will be vulnerable to interpersonal threats, which will ultimately affect your work performance and further erode your relationship with others. However, for those of you who have always been hardworking, you are likely to be promoted if you grasp the opportunity. Therefore, you should make it a goal in 2020 to work harder and improve your relationship with your colleagues.

Snakes' wealth fortune will be affected by your career fortune in 2020. For those who have worked hard, you will receive a bonus and increment, while those who are not proactive at work will face bad consequences - and might even get fired. Snakes should be careful in making investments in 2020 as the market will be very unstable. So, you must be able to afford to lose your investments if things go sour. However, if you are wise about your investments, you might still come out on top as a winner.

Love: Snakes will have great love fortune this year. For those who are married, you will have a happy relationship with your spouse. You will have more time to spend with your family members too, including extended family. For those who are in a relationship, you and your partner will have a lovely year. As for single Snakes who are getting old, you must reflect on yourself and quickly find a partner. Otherwise, it will be increasingly difficult for you to find love down the road.

Health: Snakes' health fortune is relatively mediocre. You cannot be too exhausted this year. If you overwork too often, it is very likely you will fall sick. For those who always exercise, you will be fine in 2020. As for those who always order food deliveries and play games at home, it will be very common for you to fall sick this year.

7. Horse

Career: Horses are people who are hardworking and friendly to others. Therefore, in 2020, these traits will bear fruit for you and you will receive appreciation from your bosses. It is very likely for you to get promoted or receive an increment. As for Horses who are businessmen, you will attract more business partners. Your business will grow gradually in 2020.

Horses' wealth fortune will be great since your career will do well. In 2020, your friends will introduce you to many investment opportunities. As long as you are composed and dare to invest when it is the right investments, you will be able to yield great returns this year.

Love: Horses' love fortune will be bad this year because you are too focused on your career. You will have less time for your parents, spouse, and children, which will lead to some arguments at home from time to time. You should take some time out and spend it with your family so that you and your family can be happier in 2020.

Health: Horses will not have great health fortune in 2020. Since you are overwhelmed with work, you are bound to fall sick regardless if you have always maintained a healthy lifestyle or not. Those who always neglect their health will suffer from a more severe sickness. Remember to take good care of your body this year.

8. Goat

Career: Goats' career fortune is not great in 2020. Your negligence in some aspects of work in the past will catch up to you this year. Since you always focus on yourself, some people around you will start plotting against you because they are envious of you. They will make your hard work go unnoticed. As for those who always procrastinate at work, you will leave a bad impression on your bosses this year. Thus, it will make it hard for you to keep your job. Therefore, in 2020, Goats are advised to work harder to fill up the gaps you left empty in the past.

Despite doing bad in your career, Goats will have great wealth fortune in 2020. The investments you make this year will yield great returns, including those questionable small investments you make. Your gentle and kind trait will attract affluent people into your life this year too. They will guide you to new heights. But you should not be too greedy. Only invest in an appropriate amount and listen to the advice of others. Otherwise, you will suffer great losses.

Love: Goats' love fortune is mediocre this year. Due to your caring and intimate nature, you will continue to enjoy a great relationship with your spouse and family. You will continue to grow great friendships too. Although there might be some arguments with your friends and family, as long as you speak with your heart, all will be resolved easily.

Health: Goats will suffer from bad health fortune in 2020. Since you will overwork a lot, it will be difficult for you to find time to exercise. Therefore, those who always keep a healthy lifestyle will not be affected by this bad health fortune. As for those who always stay up late, drink, and smoke, you are likely to fall sick this year. Goats are advised to take extra care of your body this year.

9. Monkey

Career: Monkeys will have the best career fortune in comparison to all zodiacs this year. All your hard work will be rewarded in 2020. If you get to mix around with your bosses more often, you might even get promoted. However, you should stay humble and maintain a good relationship with your colleagues so that you can always get help from them.

Wealth: In 2020, Monkeys' wealth fortune is fairly good. Your indirect wealth will bring you extra income this year. Therefore, you should take up a side hustle to increase your source of income. While you are at it, remember to always be prudent with your spending. Otherwise, you will not be making any profits by the end of the year. You might be targeted for scams too. But as long as you are alert, you will be fine.

Love: Monkey's love fortune is poor this year. Since you will be invested in your work, you will spend less time communicating with your lover and family members. Although you are making money for them, you will still have to maintain a good work-life balance. Otherwise, you will be left empty-handed in 2020. Regardless if you are single or married, remember to always show care to your lover and family members.

Health: Monkeys' health fortune is relatively mediocre in 2020. You will not get into any accidents or fall terribly ill. However, if you do not pay attention to your body, you will fall sick and it will be difficult for you to recover. Senior Monkeys need to pay extra attention to your health because there is a possibility for you to discover an underlying medical condition. Monkeys who are pregnant also need to be extra careful this year. Remember to take nutritious supplements during your pregnancy.

10. Rooster

Career: Since Roosters are blessed with a lucky star this year, you will see tremendous growth in your career. You might secure a high position in 2020. If you are just an executive, you will receive an increment. Businessmen will also make some big profits. Your career improvement is meant to make up for your lack of wealth. Remember to maintain a good relationship with your colleagues, otherwise you will get sabotaged once you get promoted.

Wealth: Roosters' wealth fortune is relatively bad this year. Your direct wealth is great, but your indirect wealth is terrible. Roosters are not advised to start a business in 2020. You may not get the results you want despite your best effort. The people who work with you or your business partners will affect your fortune too. Therefore, Roosters should use your money sparingly this year and be on high alert for scammers.

Love: Roosters' love fortune is relatively dull in 2020. Nothing stirring will happen and your relationship with your spouse will be stable too. You will meet a lot of potential lovers in 2020, but it will be difficult for a Rooster to get into a relationship. You might even meet a bad lover who will disrupt your life too.

Health: Roosters' health fortune is terrible in 2020. Roosters will be affected by two evil stars. You should not visit accident-prone places to prevent accidents from happening. In 2020, you or one of your family members will be susceptible to a bedridden illness. Therefore, you should visit the doctor even if you have a small symptom.

11. Dog

Career: Dogs' career fortune is relatively ordinary in 2020. It will not be very different from last year. Therefore, you should not change jobs because often times, your new job will not be better than your current one. You need to stay composed at work and finish your tasks responsibly. You will have a better career fortune in the future.

Wealth: Dogs' wealth fortune is not great in 2020. You should not gamble or buy lottery tickets as you are prone to lose a small amount of money. You might go bankrupt if you are not careful. Remember to be prudent with your spending, especially if you are already married.

Love: Dogs' love fortune is great in 2020. For those who are married, you will enjoy a happy marriage without much arguments at home. As for those who are single, you should put yourself out there and make more friends. It is very likely for you to meet your soulmate. However, you should not play with other people's feelings, or else karma will get back at you.

Health: Dogs' health fortune is not great this year. While you might not get sick this year, but you might get into accidents. Women should not walk alone at night and men should not drink and drive. Remember to always follow the traffic rules in 2020. Otherwise, you will hurt yourself and the people you love.

12. Pig

Career: Pigs will have a spectacular career fortune this year. You need to take advantage of this fortune to reach the peak of your career. You should try different jobs to find out what suits you. Since you are smart, you can consider starting your own business too. While you might have the talent, do not forget to put in the hard work. Otherwise, you may not achieve anything in 2020.

Wealth: Pigs will have great wealth fortune in 2020. You should make some investments and try your luck at the lottery. You will definitely be rewarded. Remember to always do good and help people. This will increase your chances of meeting noble people. While you might get rich this year, you need to keep an eye on your expenditure. Otherwise, you will not have any savings by the year-end. 

Love: Pigs will have a great love fortune in 2020. You will be blessed with a lucky star. For those who are single, you will start a relationship with someone right this year. However, you should not put all your focus on your lover because you still need to focus on your career. Remember to keep a balance in order to maintain a lasting relationship. For those who are married, you should not get involved in extramarital affairs. As long as you distance yourself from it, you will have a great marriage this year.

Health: Pigs will have bad health fortune this year. You will be affected by two evil stars, causing you to fall terribly sick this year. However, fret not, it will not be a terminal illness. It will just disrupt your life. Therefore, you should remember to not overwork in 2020. You are advised to exercise more and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to realise your great career fortune.

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