Heroes Of #Bersih4: From Bean Lim The Rubbish Collector To The Helpful PDRM

Times of crisis can bring out the worst and best in people. But these Malaysians have proved that in their fight for a better nation, they stand united with kindness shining through from many.

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1. Bean Lim

Bean Lim, cleaning up the streets of Kuala Lumpur during Bersih 4, yesterday

Image via Malaysiakini

Bean Lim's civic mindedness first came to light after Malaysiakini spotted him picking up rubbish from the streets yesterday during the Bersih 4 rally.

"I'm just helping to collect rubbish. Because we're all bersih," said Lim to Malaysiakini.

2. Volunteers from places of worship

Ti Ratana volunteers Boh Chee Meng and Tan Swee Keong

Image via The Malaysian Insider

Understanding the need for Bersih 4 rallygoers to have a pit-stop in their march for a better Malaysia, three churches in Kuala Lumpur opened their doors to offer shelter for the people.

St. John’s Cathedral in Bukit Nenas along with the Buddhist Association Ti Ratana Penchala Community Centre offered an endless supply of water and buns for hungry rallygoers while Our Lady Fatima was the gathering point for many earlier today.

The volunteers at St John's were also briefed on what to do if there was chaos on the streets and people needed to come in.

Back at St Anthony's Church in Pudu, there was also ample food, but fewer takers as the church was away from where the crowd was headed – towards Dataran Merdeka.

All three churches will be open until the end of the rally on Sunday night.

3. Toilet Man


Image via Free Malaysia Today

His thoughtfulness is apparent as he holds the placard that says, "Ask me for toilet" under the LRT track at Jalan Tun Perak, directing people looking for washrooms.

Ong, from Muar, decided to help out during the rally after being inspired by his friend that did the same during the Bersih 3.0 rally held back in April 2012.

“During Bersih 3.0 rally, my friend did this to help other participants. This time I came to help,” he said.

“Some participants don’t know where to find a public toilet because not everyone is from here (Kuala Lumpur). So I find out where the nearest toilet is. If anyone needs to go, they can just simply ask me.”

4. Isaiah Jacob

Isaiah Jacob

Image via Malaysiakini

Amongst a crowd of armchair activists, Isaiah Jacob braced the magnanimous crowd yesterday and joined the Bersih 4 rally.

When asked on what drew him to attend all three Bersih rallies consequently with this being his fourth, he said that corruption in the country is the most worrying issue for him, as reported by Malaysiakini.

"And as a disabled, I am one of the victims under the government.

"I am rasing awareness among the disabled, some money are supposed to be used for disabled people, not for Umno and BN, " he laments.

While the thoughtful volunteers present at the rally were helping out, kind Malaysians who weren't able to go, contributed in their own ways

A kind vendor from How Yekee at Petaling Jaya, Seksyen 17 provided 120 packets of mixed rice for rallygoers at the Masjid Jamek Lrt station.

Image via Ken Loi Facebook

An economy rice shop giving away free food for all those in Bersih shirts.

Image via I Love JB Facebook

And more were seen helping each other out throughout the two-day long rally

Toilet signs being held up by a fellow volunteer at Bersih 4

Image via SAYS

Woman handing out free buns to rallygoers

Image via SAYS

Boxes being placed along the streets for people to dispose their rubbish.

Image via SAYS

Free Maggi instant noodles were provided for rallygoers that spent the night

Image via Wilson Tan Facebook

A security officer, keeping an eye on the traffic situation

Image via Tang Ruxyn, SAYS

Volunteers handing out water to rallygoers.

Image via Tang Ruxyn, SAYS

A Bersih supporter was seen helping an elderly gentleman wash his feet before Solat Asar

Image via Maria Ahmad, Astro Awani

Tan Kian Shing, camping out on the first night of Bersih 4 rally

Image via SAYS

Another rallygoer Tan Kian Shing, when speaking to SAYS last night, said that he encountered a kind- hearted taxi driver that offered to waive the taxi fare upon finding out that Tan is heading to the Bersih 4 rally.

Tan paid anyways and asked the uncle, who was very enthusiastic about joining the rally later in the day, to come over as soon as he can for the rally.

BONUS: Helpful police officers played a big role in the rally

Police officers lined up by the barricades

Image via Reuters

Police officers are usually mocked in Malaysia for their uncouth personality.

But in a turn of events, Malaysians from all walks of life have been commending the officers in charge during the rally for their polite and friendly approach.

Image via SAYS

"So far the police have been very cooperative with us.

"All of us gathered here are satisfied with the approach of the police. We hope the police will continue to keep up the good work and maintain the peace here," said Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (MIPAS) secretary-general S.Bharathidasan at Dataran Merdeka.

Many others who showed up for the rally echoed similar comments and commended the police.

When Bersih organizers approached the authorities for assistance and advice in case things took a sour turn at the rally, DSP Gurbinder Singh was seen to be friendly and kind to advice the organizers on the steps to be taken.

Bersih organizers seeking Police help incase something bad happens anytime and DSP Gurbinder Singh was very kind to adviceShare/tag your friends and Malaysians from all over the country.#onlyinmalaysia #yellow #rally #protest #BersihPics #bersih2 #Bersih4

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DSP Gurbinder Singh speaking to Bersih organisers.

While Bersih 4 has been going on peacefully, positively, without any glitches, here's what most BN ministers are saying about it:

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