We Looked Through Disgusting Fridge Pics To Make You This Story

Happy Clean Your Refrigerator Day! (No, really, Google it) Here are some useful fridge facts you might want to turn into your rituals.

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1. The ideal temperature for food storage is between 0 and +4°C at the coldest point

A temperature below 4°C dramatically slows the growth of microorganisms such as the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium, and halts the development of most pathogenic germs such as Salmonella enterica.
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2. Food might go bad otherwise and attract flies that then lay eggs - hello maggots!

Maggots are the larval stage of the flies. Fully grown maggots can reach over a half inch in length. Mature blow fly maggots are creamy in color.

"A fly can smell dead flesh from miles away, and can detect a carcass within moments of death. Finding a steak in a trash can is a small feat for a fly."

An illustration of a maggot-infested refrigerator, photo from Peta.

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3. At least once a month, check the drip pan under the refrigerator (drip pan of a frost-free refrigerator is attractive to roaches)

The drip pan of a frost-free refrigerator is attractive to German cockroaches. There is warmth from the compressor and plenty of food and moisture nearby (from

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4. Refrigeration works by removing heat, and this heat is dispelled behind and under the appliance - these warm, moist areas draw baby roaches

A cockroach-infested area behind and under the refrigerator.

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Image of cockroach-infested fridge.

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5. Avoid placing hot stuff in your fridge, this causes condensation which increases the temperature in your fridge

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6. When storing raw meat, always keep it in a clean container and make sure it doesn't drip onto other foods

7. Keep a fresh box of opened baking soda in your fridge to remove bad odours (replace every 3 months)

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8. It's necessary to clean your fridge on a regular basis - use soapy water followed by rinsing with water

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9. And, if your fridge sucks and you want to get rid of it, do so responsibly (many of the substances contained in fridges are very harmful to the environment if disposed of incorrectly)

If your fridge was made before 2000 it is highly likely that it contains Ozone Depleting Substances (‘ODS’) like CFCs or HCFCs in its insulating foam or refrigerant.

Suggested methods of refrigerator disposal by Any Junk.

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