You'll Only Relate To These 16 Situations If You've Gone Clubbing In Malaysia

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1. Getting ready for your night out is an event on its own

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2. You pray your shoes don’t give you blisters

3. You gotta have pre-party shots before you even hit the club

4. Arriving at the club and getting turnt just listening to the beats coming from inside

5. That "awww yeah" feeling of getting the chop

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6. When you try to capture how lit the club was but your video just doesn't do it justice

ZOUKIN 2017. Headhunterz in da house

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7. You gotta make sure to stay "hydrated" throughout the night

8. And gotta remember to Insta-story it first!

9. There's always a long line at the ladies'

10. And the toilets seriously have the best lighting

11. All the girls. So many girls.

12. Trying to have a conversation in the club like...

13. Basically screaming to your friend and still not understanding each other lol

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14. Feeling the music flow through your body is life

15. Four words: when the beat drops

16. The night is never over until you've had your fav post-clubbing noms

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What other clubbing moments will party-goers understand? Let us know in the comments below!

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