These Running Shoes Were Rated By Runners As The Number One In Comfort

In a comfort test involving 100 runners testing five pairs of running shoes, the new GEL-NIMBUS 25 by ASICS came out on top.

Cover image via ASICS (Provided to SAYS)

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Attention all runners, you're definitely gonna want to get your hands on this pair of super comfy running shoes!

Check out ASICS brand new launch — the GEL-NIMBUS 25, which are said to be the most comfortable running shoes, designed to help everyone experience the uplifting power of running on the body and mind.

What makes it so comfy is the fact that it offers more cushioning and softer landings. Sounds pretty awesome, kan? After all, what's more important in a running shoe than comfort?

With the GEL-NIMBUS 25, you can say goodbye to aching feet and hello to feeling like you're running on air, wheeee!

The GEL-NIMBUS 25 features ASICS' new PureGEL technology, which is softer than the brand's previous GEL technology, creating the softest landings to date. Strategically incorporated in the midsole, this technology helps to provide enhanced shock absorption and smoother transitions.

It also comes with the new lightweight and energetic FF BLAST PLUS ECO cushioning. Designed to provide improved underfoot comfort, it features 20% more foam compared to ASICS' previous shoe models. The best part is that the foam is made from at least 20% bio-based material from renewable sources, such as leftover waste from sugarcane processing. Yay for sustainability!

Another thing to look out for is the new tongue and collar construction. Soft, breathable, and stretchy, they give you an easier step-in and more adaptive fit. This is cool because it'll make the shoe feel like an extension of your foot, fuyoh! Plus, it helps give you a comfortable and smooth stride too, letting you run with confidence.

Laura Bolgen, Senior Manager Global Product Line, Performance Running Footwear at ASICS said, "Following ASICS' design philosophy, we use athlete wear testing, biomechanical research, sustainable methods and decades of craftmanship to create products that feel best for both body and mind.

"For the development of the GEL-NIMBUS 25, we set the bar very high. We knew that our ambitious goal of 'creating the most comfortable running shoe' was one that would require even more design and development work as well as internal and external testing and consumer validation.

"As a team, we're incredibly proud of what we've been able to accomplish throughout the 18+ months of tireless development work, and we hope that every runner will feel the difference that this uniquely comfortable GEL-NIMBUS model has to offer."

So, how comfortable are they really? To find out, ASICS put them through an independent comfort test by The Biomechanics Lab in South Australia, ooooo!

In this test, Dr Chris Bishop, PhD from The Biomechanics Lab compared the comfort of the GEL-NIMBUS 25 to its predecessor, the GEL NIMBUS 24, as well as to three leading competitor shoes. The research study explored three primary research questions, with the most important being 'Is the GEL-NIMBUS 25 a more comfortable running shoe than the four other shoes tested?'.

Over an eight-week period, 100 runners (52 men and 48 women) ran in all five pairs of shoes, without knowing which one belonged to which brand. After running on an instrumented treadmill at a pace of 10km/hour for three minutes, they were asked to rate the comfort of each shoe based on various comfort-related criteria, such as heel cushioning, forefoot cushioning, shoe stability, and forefoot flexibility.

The result? The GEL-NIMBUS 25 was rated as the number one in comfort, wow!

Dr Chris, who is a podiatrist and adjunct research fellow at the University of South Australia, explained, "Comfort is a perception factor which is not a biomechanical variable and it's not the same for every individual. However, the results of this study were conclusive: the GEL-NIMBUS 25 was statistically the most comfortable running shoe tested."

The GEL-NIMBUS 25 is available for men and women, in a variety of colourful models, as well as a stunning Platinum variant with a gorgeous gradient for those who prefer a more monochrome look

You can cop yourself a pair from ASICS retail and online stores. Get 'em today and give your feet the comfort they deserve!

Check out ASICS' website to take a look at the full collection. You can also take a look at ASICS' Facebook and Instagram for all their latest updates.

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