For Those Out There Whose Middle Name Is Spicy Because Pedas Food Is The Best

No spice, no life.

  • If there's one thing someone needs to know about you, it's that you love it SPICY

  • You have to add spicy condiments into ALL of your food

  • Because in your heart, you truly, sincerely know that everything is better when it's spicy

  • Your fridge and pantry have an arsenal of different types of spicy sauces and condiments

  • It's funny to see when other people try to be on your level (silently laughs)

  • When you eat at a restaurant, you always ask for cili padi or you'll habis their chili sauce

  • The letup feeling of eating hot, fiery food makes you feel so, so alive...

    • Feel the most alive you've ever been with Maggi Letup. It will blow (geddit, geddit) your mind!

  • It might hurt EVERYWHERE but it hurts so goooood

  • It feels like anything is possible! Plus, it helps with our metabolism right…

  • You love it when your friends or family bring back local spicy snacks from their holiday

  • And when you travel overseas, you like to seek out their local spicy food

  • Not everyone can handle the food that you cook because they're WEAK

  • You've lost count how many times people have said that your taste buds are dead

  • You're always distracted by 'hot' labels when grocery shopping

  • Others don’t like it when you're in charge of ordering for the group

    • "Every single dish you ordered is spicy! Even the soup!"
      "Erm, not the omelette..."

  • Best of all, nobody can tahan your spicy level, so you have the food all to yourself!

  • Even though scientists say it's not a taste, and people call it pain, you know that really, they just don't understand...

  • Because why go mild when you can go wild? Ignore the haters and slurp away with your bowl of delicious Maggi Letup!

  • It's definitely not for the weak...

  • For times you go overboard with the chili that even your tongue of steel can't handle it, here are some life-saving tips:

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