7 Initiatives From TM That Empower The Society, And Preserve The Environment

From teaching the students 3D printing and data logging technologies to saving the corals :)

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TM recently held a three-day event to showcase the company's CSR initiatives over the years

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As a responsible nation builder, Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) does so much more than just provide internet.

According to Izlyn Ramli, Vice President of Group Brand & Communication, TM is committed to nation building with a focus on three main pillars - Economic, Environmental, and Social – to benefit more Malaysians, particularly the underprivileged groups.

While TM Group has been involved in many initiatives, this is the first time they are being featured together as one big picture

Izlyn Ramli, TM's Vice President of Group Brand & Communication

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"This showcase is to educate not only the public and our stakeholders, but also our own internal staff on what [we have done for] many years," said Izlyn.

Here are the little ways TM is giving back to communities:

1. Teaching local fishermen how to farm corals and preserve marine life in Pulau Bidong

On Pulau Bidong, an untouched island along the Terengganu coast, TM is part of the Corals Malaysia Incubator programme. To restore coral reefs and preserve the marine ecosystem, they propagate new corals before returning them to the sea.

What's great is that TM involves local fishermen in this initiative, giving them an extra source of income, especially during the monsoon season when they can't go out to fish. This programme also increases public awareness of marine conservation and helps boost the aqua tourism in Malaysia.

2. Helping single mothers and women entrepreneurs to boost their businesses

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As part of their entrepreneurship CSR initiative, TM helps single mothers in Pahang and Kelantan with the entrepreneurship training through Program Sejahtera while Program Usahawan Wanita (PUW) gives women entrepreneurs access to digital solutions to improve their businesses. These women training in basic business skills like bookkeeping as well as online business skills like Facebook marketing.

Recently, TM assisted a group of entrepreneurs from Kg. Tui, Johor established a cooperative business to market their local products such as traditional food and souvenirs.  The programme also aims to improve and enhance the local economy and create more job opportunities for the youth at the village.

Not just that, TM also has a TVET entrepreneurship programme with GiatMara’s graduates. The programme teaches them how to use digital solutions including online business skills to sell their products and services.

Ultimately, it's their goal to bring budding local businesses to the next level! :)

3. Encouraging their employees to use reusable straws and cutlery

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If you see TM employees walking around with these cute pouches, it's because TM recently came up with their own set of reusable metal straws and cutlery!

As a whole TM strives to be a sustainable company, from practicing proper energy management to encouraging employees to reduce single-use plastic. They have also championed internal and external recycling activities, like the "Clean as You Go" campaign.

4. Exposing Kelab Pencipta Alam (KPA) students to the outdoors to learn about the environment

One of the long-running environmental initiatives is TM Earth Camp, a 3D2N nature camp programme for students who are Kelab Pencinta Alam members at their schools. Through these camps, students get to learn about environmental issues and brainstorm ideas to prevent them while being surrounded by Malaysia's rich natural surroundings.

5. Fostering education through school adoption and STEM initiatives

Experiment Tools using 3D Printer and TM Nano Maker Kit.

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To encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, TM has introduced more than 100 local schools to exciting learning tools like the Pocket Lab with data logging technology is- a wireless nano sensor that can measure vary parameters of data for Science experiments. Also, the students got to learn about 3D printing technology and expose them to coding and basic programming!

Every three-year, TM also hand picks new schools to adopt, with objectives to create a better learning opportunity through academic and co-curriculum programmes to nurture future leaders. To date, TM has adopted 15 schools across Malaysia and benefited more than 20,000 individuals.

6. Sponsoring young Malaysians in university scholarships

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Multimedia University (MMU) - established and owned by TM, is one of the country's premier universities that trains up future leaders for the digital era. With an emphasis on STEM subjects, MMU equips this generation to keep up with Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

Since 1994, TM through Yayasan TM has given out over RM500 million in scholarships to more than 15,000 students, helping them achieve their dreams while supplying the Malaysian workforce with quality talent.

7. Training volunteers to provide disaster relief during floods, rebuilding homes, and more

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TM ROVers (Reaching Out Volunteers) are TM staff volunteers who participate in various CSR programmes - including aiding during disaster, training students, and more. They are the heart and core of TM's CSR efforts, because they are the ones involved in most of the on-ground work.

According to Izlyn Ramli, what makes all of this worth it, is seeing how someone's life can be turned around

A few years ago, under Program Sejahtera, TM provides business training and coaching to eight single mothers’ families in Pahang and Kelantan. TM also provides business equipment to increase their sales. They eventually tripled their income and increased their assets. Not just that, some of them got their homes and shops repaired. Their children also received educational assistance. Some of them managed to further their education in MMU and Multimedia Collage (MMC). And, two of them currently are working with TM!

We don't know about you, but reading about all this makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside T.T

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Find out more about TM's sustainability efforts and how you can be get involved on their website today!

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