9 Hassle-Free Deepavali Outfit Ideas For Every Indian Girl In Malaysia

Bring out the bombshell in you!

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1. Ramp up the Deepavali night by pairing an old sleeveless black top with a simple saree for that unconventional festive look

2. Or go crazy with a tie-dye outfit!

3. And if you're feeling slightly more experimental, pair a blouse and jeans with a dupatta by wrapping it around in dhoti style

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4. You could even go basic with a lehenga and a crop top

5. Or pair a lehenga with a crisp white shirt!

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6. Make good use of your denim shorts, wear it with a white A-line kurta (and a pair of lightweight earrings)

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7. Go for that ultimate boho-chic beauty by dressing down in a lace or crochet off-shoulder top

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8. You can even add loads of desi accessories to a simple dress

9. Or go bold by wearing a fly-away tunic and pair it with a clutch

Now go slay

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On the other hand...

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