Did You Know: The Kelana Jaya LRT Line Passes Directly Below A Famous Graveyard In Ampang

The cemetery is known to be the final resting place of Malaysian icons, P Ramlee and his wife, Saloma.

Cover image via Borneo Post Online & Malaymail

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The Kelana Jaya LRT Line is one of the busiest train routes, averaging over 300,000 commuters per day, while covering 37 stations across the Klang Valley

Needless to say, locals were less than amused to discover a slight stretch of it goes underground, tunneling directly below the Jalan Ampang Muslim Cemetery.

Last August, a TikTok video went viral for depicting the journey of a train passing under the cemetery in a 3D simulation.

The 22-second clip begins with a view of the Muslim cemetery, and slowly pans its way underground to where the train would supposedly be, while passing several bodies that would have been buried there. 

The grim visuals led to many locals researching on whether or not the video is truthful.

A quick Google search would prove the theory to be true, showing the route passing directly below the Ampang cemetery

The cemetery is placed above the underground tunnel that stretches between the KLCC and Kampung Baru LRT stations.

Image via Google Maps

The TikTok has since been met with skepticism and speculations

Many users shared their speculations with one another, with one commenting, "My grandfather once told me, that when the LRT was first open to the public, he would see spirits hanging in the tunnels."

Image via TikTok

Another commented a rumour they once heard about the tunnel, claiming that a body had fallen mid-construction, from the graveyard above.

"It is rumoured that during the construction of the LRT, a corpse had fallen from the cemetery above, but there has been no official proof on the matter," commented the user.

Image via TikTok

Many also pointed out that the graveyard is the final resting place of Malaysian talents P Ramlee and his wife Saloma, adding that some have allegedly seen the ghost of Ramlee wandering their trains.

"According to an urban legend, some (commuters) have caught glimpses of P Ramlee in the LRT with them," said the user. 

Image via TikTok

However, many users were not surprised at this discovery, with one commenting that "The world is filled with old graves, we just don't know about them."

Image via TikTok

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