10 Major Differences Between All-Guys And All-Girls Road Trips

You know these are true.

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Road trips with friends are always the best

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They're the BOMB! You can spend hours in the car and not get bored because there's just so much to talk about. All the food stops, Instagram-worthy stops… all these little things that make your journeys even more memorable than the destinations.

We know guys and girls do things differently. So we asked people who have been on all-guys / all-girls road trips to share their experiences:

1. The number of bags

Arif: "Yeah just one bag will do. I mean, jeans can tahan for at least three days right? I usually just bring one pair of jeans, two to three t-shirts, boxers, and my phone."

Julie: "I definitely pack everything that needs to be packed, depending on where we’re going and for how long. Comfy clothes for staying indoors like sweatpants and t-shirts; a cute dress and heels just in case we decide to go somewhere nice; jeans and a few tops to choose from for casual outings... then there are the essentials: hair straightener, makeup bag, toiletries. I also have a mini first aid kit just in case."

2. The planning process

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Kannan: "My guy friends and I plan our road trips in the car, as we drive. There was once we even decided to go on a road trip then and there."

Esther: "My trips are planned at least a few months in advance so we can get cheaper hotel rates. I'll also prepare a Google Excel sheet and invite everyone to edit it. This is so that we can make sure we get all the must-see places covered."

3. Matters relating to punctuality

Yong Sheng: "So I woke up at 6am, got ready, had breakfast, drove and reached the meeting point at 6.45am. AS AGREED. The rest of my friends arrived at 9am. Then they wanted to have breakfast before driving. So we ended up driving at 10am. -_-"

Melissa: "We usually meet on time. If we know a friend is ALWAYS late, we make sure she sleeps over at someone’s house."

4. What they do during the drive

Zaidi: "I get annoyed when I’m driving and all the guys fall asleep. Like, at least stay awake to teman me lah. So boring you know."

Gowri: "It's always the best part of the trip because we have so much to catch up! Me and two other friends drove from KL to Penang once and we didn't fall asleep because it was so fun just talking and being with them."

5. The types of photos we take

Brian: "Usually I'll snap a few photos of the scenery if it's nice. Like the waterfall or the view from the hill."

Vanessa: "Wefie is a must! Must have group photo also!"

6. 10 minutes after lunch is served

Darian: "I realise that guys tend to eat super fast. It's like once the dish is placed on the table we'll finish it immediately."

Xin Yi: "This is embarrassing but yeah... my girl friends and I like to take photos of our food first before eating."

7. The duration of toilet breaks

Daniel: "Think mine is five minutes, max."

June: "It's not our fault that girls take so long ok? In many places, the female toilet is just always full!"

8. When there's an *cough* embarrassing *cough* moment...

Adam: "My friends and I will let each other know when we need to fart. Must inform ok. Don't simply drop a 'bomb' in the car."

Trisha: "(with a sheepish face) Whatttt. My friends and I don't do that."

9. Buying souvenirs

Aaron: "Erm. I don't buy any on a road trip... don't think my guy friends do that too."

Judith: "I'll buy some local tidbits for my family and friends to try if they're really nice."

10. Snacks in the car

Luqman: "My friends and I don't really have snacks in the car. If we feel like eating we'll stop by the petrol station and buy something."

Mandy: "One of us will always bring something, like cookies, chocolates, or potato chips."

But there's one thing we have in common: we'll always make sure we have a full tank before driving

Kevin: "I'll send my car for servicing a day before the road trip. That's if it's a planned road trip lah. If it's one of those impromptu ones, I'll do a brief check on things like tyre pressure, check my engine oil, pump petrol, etc."

Ain: "Will definitely pump full tank. I'll also check on the tyres and other stuff to make sure we'll have a safe drive."

At the end of the day, it's not about where you're going - all it matters is how you get there :)

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