[VIDEO] What Would You Do If Service Was Slow Like This?

Would you stay silent or say something? What would you say?

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The video below shows a person with special needs being discriminated against for his slow ability to pack the grocery bags. Watch the full video to find out what exactly happens, here:

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What is Down Syndrome?

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs in approximately 1 of 800 live births. It is the leading cause of cognitive impairment around the world.

It is typically associated with physical growth delays, a particular set of facial characteristics and a severe degree of intellectual disability. The average full-scale IQ of young adults with Down Syndrome is around 50 (70 and below is defined as the cut-off for intellectual disability).

Individuals with Down Syndrome may have some or all of the following physical characteristics:

A flattened face and nose, a short neck, a small mouth sometimes with a large, protruding tongue, small ears, upward slanting eyes that may have small skin folds at the inner corner.

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