This Stall Will Change The Way You Eat Laksa, Forever...

A whole new way to slurp up your noodles!

Cover image via Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan Di Kedah

At first glance you may think that this humble little roadside stall in Kedah only sells drinks

It does indeed sell a variety of flavoured teas and canned drinks.

But local Kedahans know it as the mee sedut stall, famous for its revolutionary way of serving laksa and mee kari... in a giant cup with a straw!

All the elements that make up an awesome bowl of laksa - laksa noodles, fish broth, hard-boiled egg, copped cili padi, and daun kesom garnish - are contained within a single plastic cup!

One cup only costs RM 2.50.

Upsized version: only for those with huge appetites!

Many have spoken out commending the stall owners on their creativity and for bringing back a childhood tradition:

Be sure to give mee sedut a try the next time you're in Kedah!

The stall is located at Simpang Tiga Jerai, Kupang 09200, Baling, Kedah.

Speaking of laksa, how many types of Malaysian laksa have you tried?

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