[VIDEO] We Tried The New Pepsi Black Flavours ASMR-Style

Besides original, you can now get vanilla and ginger flavours too!

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Pepsi Black recently released two new flavours. Besides the iconic original flavour, you can now also get Pepsi Black Vanilla and Pepsi Black Ginger.

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The addition of vanilla and ginger takes the bold taste we all know and love to the next level! The vanilla flavour gives it a sweet aftertaste and the ginger flavour brings a spicy kick. Plus, as with the original Pepsi Black, these new flavours are still calorie-free!

We gave them a try, but it wasn't just a typical taste test - we did it ASMR-style!

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Get ready to start craving Pepsi as you listen to us cracking the can open, pouring out the fizzy drink, taking big gulps, and more!

Image via SAYS

Make sure to watch the full video below with earphones to fully enjoy the ASMR experience:

Want to try the new Pepsi Black flavours yourself? Grab one from your nearest supermarket today!

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