This PD Ranch Resort Has Teepees For You To Stay In, Horses & Over 30 Fun Activities

Some of the activities include canoeing, go-karting, and paintball.

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Y'allllll, get your cowboy boots on 'cause this ranch resort in Port Dickson is epic

Spanning across 19 acres, Eagle Ranch Resort is the ultimate fun-filled vacation spot where you can stay in unique 'ranch' housing and experience 'cowboy' life just like in the movies

There are a total of 123 rooms and seven different types of accommodation: Teepees, bandwagons, log cabins, paddock chalets, Eagle terrace, kampung houses, and dormitories.

It all began 20 years ago when Tee Wah Kuang and Koh Kuang Seng, who have been partners for 40 years, decided to open up this ranch resort together

Speaking to SAYS, Greg Tee, the Director of Operations, who calls himself the resident cowboy, shares that Eagle Ranch Resort (ERR) is currently run "by a mix of the old school with the new school kids", Andy Koh (Koh's son) and himself (Tee's son).

He explains that his dad always had a fascination with cowboy movies when he was younger.

"Movies like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was one of his favourite movies to watch as a kid. Growing up in Pasir Panjang, just a stone's throw away from the ranch, he came from very humble beginnings. With a large family of nine siblings, life was tough and he had to find a way out of the kampung, and he did!"

But what really inspired him to start ERR was his passion for horse riding.

"He used to do horse jumping, joined a few horse riding endurance races and rode bareback in and around the resort, 'cause he says that you need to feel the horse under you. 'It's all about the connection that you have with the horse', he would say."

Initially, Eagle Ranch Resort only had stables and a paddock for horse riding lessons and pony camps. Later, they added go-karting (run by a different operator) and a simple kopitiam. Seeing as he spent all his time there, they built a log cabin, which became the first ever accommodation.

With over 30 activities to do on the ranch, it's impossible to get bored, for sure!

Some activities, such as the 18-element obstacle course and family day games, which involve teamwork and physical contact, are temporarily on hold due to pandemic restrictions.

But there's still plenty more to enjoy, such as pony cart riding, archery, paintball, go-kart, bicycles, E-Harley bikes, fun fair games, and wet activities in their Oasis pool (a big free form pool), among many others.

One of their popular activities is sea rafting, where you and your team build your own raft with bamboo, barrels, and rope then take it out to sea to retrieve your flag or to save your 'boss' who would be floating about 20m out from the shore line.

If you want to chill on the beach, the nearest one – Pantai kg. sg. Sekawang – is around 300m walking distance from the resort. Tee shares that if you're competent enough to handle the horses, you could also opt to take the horses on the beach!

They currently have two horses and eight ponies — Woody, Buzz, Leo, Taco, Apache, Quando, Tonto, Sabrina, Rusty, and Yesi — all of whom were named by Tee himself, who takes care of the land, animals, and people.

"We do have a rabbit farm built, and we're currently sourcing for rabbits! Coming soon, would be peacocks, ducks, geese, and chickens. We also have a small pond containing a huge turtle and koi."

There are three food and beverage outlets on the ranch, serving buffet-style meals

There's also a restobar called 'The watering hole', which Tee explains is a "themed restobar comprising of nibong wood structures with biker memorabilia and souvenirs from all around the world," adding that long distance motorbiking is another one of his dad's passions.

You can have camp fires at specific areas around the ranch. They also offer barbecue dinners to guests or groups upon request.

DIY barbecues, where they supply food and utensils for guests to cook themselves at designated areas in the resort, will soon be available.

Once restrictions are lifted, they can go back to holding weddings and private events. They even do wild, wild west-themed weddings, for those who are looking for something different.

"In BM, they say 'lain daripada yang lain'. And that's what we're all about! The bride and groom show up on a horse, long white dress flowing down from the back, fire eaters, and the like!"

Here's how you can get to Eagle Ranch Resort:

Lot 544, Batu 14, Jalan Pantai, 71250
Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Website | Facebook | Instagram

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