Are You A Creator Or Trend Setter? Watch This EcoWorld 'For Generations' Video To Find Out

Which of these 14 generations do you relate to the most?

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One of the leading trendsetters in Malaysia's property landscape, EcoWorld, has always been innovative in building homes that meet the needs of our current generation

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Despite just being around for six years, EcoWorld has seen tremendous growth by staying relevant and rethinking industry norms. Already, EcoWorld has built 18 beautiful developments throughout Klang Valley, Penang, and Iskandar Malaysia, with more to come.

More than just a property developer, EcoWorld wants to be there every step of the way to co-create your desired dream home. One way they do that is by drawing inspiration from different aspects of every generation.

In line with their 'For Generations' campaign, EcoWorld just launched a video series showing how their homes are made specifically with YOU in mind:

So, which of these 14 generations do you relate to the most?

1. The Zen Generation, a.k.a. the ones who enjoy peace, quiet, and the tranquil outdoors

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The Zen Generation will definitely enjoy EcoWorld's tranquil family areas, which are perfect for a meditation retreat.

2. The Explorers that are excited, curious, and always up for an adventure

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With fascinating parks and gardens built around each development, The Explorer Generation will have lots of fun going on nature adventures.

3. The Ever Learners, who are never too old to discover a new skill or hobby

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For the Ever Learner Generation, there will never be a dull moment thanks to the EcoWorld Life Space.

4. The Culinary Generation that loves to whip up sumptuous meals in their spacious dream kitchen

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If you're part of the Culinary Generation, you'll have the time of your life with EcoWorld's spacious dream kitchens that let you create everlasting memories.

5. The Trend Seekers who aren't afraid to express their creativity

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With vibrant communal spaces, the Trend Seeker Generation will always have a creative platform to bring their passion to life.

6. The Minimalist, who wishes to live simple and clutter-free

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For the Minimalist Generation, you will enjoy freedom from clutter and find peace in EcoWorld's serene living spaces.

7. The Digital Nomads who are always working on the go

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When you need a creative spark or inspiration, EcoWorld's energising environment is exactly what you need as the Digital Nomad generation.

8. The Gym Rats, who live for a good workout and to elevate their fitness levels

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If you're the Gym Rat generation, get ready to elevate your fitness levels at EcoWorld's communal gymnasiums.

9. The Nature Friendly Generation, who care about sustainable living and nurturing their gardens

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You can have your own personal home garden when you stay in EcoWorld homes, ideal for the Nature Friendly Generation who love nurturing their own little green worlds.

10. The Pet Lovers Generation that loves pets of all shapes, sizes, and breeds

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Happy pets, happy lives! Now you can raise your favourite furry animals in a pet-friendly environment, making EcoWorld the perfect home for the Pet Lover generation.

11. The Artistic Generation that draws inspiration from their surrounding environments

Image via EcoWorld

As the Artistic Generation, you'll get to stimulate your art sense at every bend thanks to the inspiring sculptures and pieces of art throughout EcoWorld townships.

12. The Bold Creators, a.k.a. the game changers who can bring visionary business ideas to life

Image via EcoWorld

With various intelligent space concepts, the Bold Creators Generation are able to bring their visionary ideas to life.

13. The #POTD Generation, the ones who embrace an active social media lifestyle 24/7

Image via EcoWorld

Turn special moments into lasting memories thanks to all the photoworthy spots at EcoWorld, simply perfect for The #POTD Generation.

14. The Collector Generation, who love collecting rare finds

Image via EcoWorld

If you're part of the Collector Generation, you'll be thrilled to have spacious living spaces, which you can convert into a private gallery for your special collections.

Whichever generation personality you are, EcoWorld has the perfect home for you. Here are a few of their latest projects:

Image via EcoWorld

Brydon | Eco Horizon
Just a stone's throw away from IKEA in Batu Kawan, the township's second collection comprises of 2-storey Semi Ds and bungalow homes. Enjoy a opulent living experience as you're surrounded by man-made lakes, cycling tracks, and a luxurious clubhouse.

Image via EcoWorld

Cora | Eco Ardence
The new precinct in Eco Ardence, Cora features Semi D and bungalow homes within a tranquil environment. Enjoy serenity as you take in the Zen-inspired landscape featuring water elements surrounding the exclusive clubhouse.

Image via EcoWorld

Hazelton | Eco Forest
The new Hazelton A-Frame ErgoHomes is a bold fresh concept that brings together efficient space planning, private pocket gardens, and communal spaces to change terrace living forever. There is also a Passion Area that you can transform into a workshop, music room, or home office, which makes it ideal for those who work from home.

Image via EcoWorld

Regent Garden | Eco Grandeur
Live like a king in these celebrated garden homes fit for a king. Instead of a regular park, Regent Garden boasts outdoor camping grounds, allowing residents to get even closer to nature.

Image via EcoWorld

Rose Garden Homes | Eco Spring
Embrace the cosiness of garden living - walk from your living hall right into your beautiful private garden and enjoy the view of blooming flowers from your dining table with Rose Garden Homes.

Ready to own a home with EcoWorld? Head over to their website for more information today!

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