Experts Debunk 4 Skincare & Beauty Myths That You Probably Still Believe

Here's the truth!

Cover image via Unilever (Provided to SAYS)

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In conjunction with the 25th World Congress of Dermatology, Unilever Beauty and Wellbeing welcomed over 100 globally known dermatologists to Singapore to shine a spotlight on the problem of misinformation within the skincare industry

Formally referred to as Unilever's House of Beauty and Wellbeing: Science Edition, the initiative called for attention on the importance of spreading precise and accurate information in the skincare and beauty industries to the public.

In a report by skincare brand Simple, The Simple Truth Report, 80% of UK-based skincare consumers agree that misinformation is common in this sector, while 73% feel social media may be an avenue of confusion on this matter.

Jason Harcup speaking at Unilever's House of Beauty and Wellness: Science Edition event at Capella Manor in Singapore.

Image via Unilever (Provided to SAYS)

Addressing the issue, Global Vice President for Skin Care Research & Development of Unilever, Jason Harcup, spoke on this initiative being a true partnership between a multitude of iconic brands. The event was also hailed as an opportunity for leading dermatologists to learn about the cutting-edge technology powering the products from these brands.

Debunking multiple myths in skincare and healthcare, brands such as Dove, Vaseline, and CLEAR displayed a series of products and technologies during the event, giving us the lowdown on some very popular beauty fables we may have mistaken for fact rather than fiction.

Here's a more in-depth look at some of the myths that were debunked at the event:

1. MYTH: Shampoo and conditioner only work for the surface level of your hair

While many believe this myth, the truth is actually that it depends on the ingredients in the shampoo and the condition of your hair.

Though all hair is composed of protein that imparts strength and resilience to the hair fibre, practices such as chemical treatments, colouring, and everyday beauty regimes can change these proteins, causing it to weaken hair and make it more prone to damage.

In an effort to show that shampoos and conditioners are not just effective on the surface level of hair, Dove's patented Fibre Repair Actives technology penetrates the core of one's hair, repairing damage from within.

Nourishing at its core, Dove's Hair Therapy in the form of their Breakage Remedy formula, which contains Bio-Cellular Complex Technology, offers superior care that reverses hair damage, making hair 10 times stronger*, smoother, and more beautiful, providing 99% less breakage*.

*When compared to non-conditioning shampoo.

2. MYTH: Bar soaps strip all the essential nutrients from our skin

Traditional bar soaps are usually said to be bad for the skin due to its less than gentle composition. With high pH values, it's ideal for ridding one's body of dirt and grease, but may not necessarily be nourishing enough for the face.

Nevertheless, the globally-renowned brand also took a step in dispelling the idea that bar soaps are harsh and strip away essential nutrients from skin.

The Dove Beauty Bar, which mildly cleanses the skin, replenishes up to 100 natural ceramides**, leaving the face smooth, soft, and more radiant than ordinary soap.

**Clinically proven.

3. MYTH: Anti-dandruff products only work for removing dandruff

While many may know dandruff as a common scalp condition, its inherent biology is much more complex. Triggers for dandruff may come from many things, such as greasiness, having a weaker scalp, stress, the weather, and even harsh shampoo.

Research by CLEAR scientists has discovered that an often overlooked factor is the scalp barrier, as those with dandruff were found to have lower scalp moisture.

So, ideally, anti-dandruff products should not only remove dandruff, but also target scalp health to prevent the problem from recurring.

CLEAR's newest Scalp-Pro products for men and New CLEAR Scalpceuticals for women, which are both powered by Follilock technology, have been clinically proven to reduce hair fall within 30 days*** by maintaining a healthy scalp environment.

Both ranges also include a serum which balances out the proteolytic activity in follicles, to reduce excessive hair loss and ensure scalp nourishment. The full range of items have been clinically proven to reduce hair fall by more than 2,800 strands for women, and more than 6,000 strands for men***.

***Clinically proven.

4. MYTH: Glutathione, a popular ingredient used for brightening skin, is only effective when applied externally on your body

While the matter would hardly be new for experts or scientists, regular people may not be aware that glutathione, an antioxidant that exists internally in human bodies, can also act as an ingredient to improve one's complexion.

However, the myth also follows that human bodies do not contain enough of this antioxidant for us to achieve such a beautifying process, unless applied topically.

Proving this idea untrue, Vaseline's patented GlutaGlow technology supplies skin with three micro-amino acids that the skin can use as precursors to create its own glutathione from within.

This blockbuster technology is said to be 10 times more powerful than Vitamin C^ for dewy and glowing skin, boosting skin radiance by 75%^^ and helping dark spots fade away by 30% in just one week^^.

Committed to skin health through their initiatives, Vaseline's belief in skin health being more than a privilege, but a right, is truly making skin health more accessible to every Malaysian.

^Based on lab testing.
^^Clinically proven.

In a world where there's so much misinformation out there, make sure to do some research before deciding what products are right for you

With an abundance of products from countries all over the world, the undeniable demand for skincare and beauty items are only multiplying as years go by.

Nonetheless, common misconceptions and myths such as those discussed should be dispelled from our understandings to make way for a new wave of creations that enhance and improve the beauty standards of present-day settings.

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