Are You Guilty Of Keeping Any Of These 10 Things That Have Probably Expired?

Get ready to be a changed person...

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1. Put your hands up if you have eggs that are 2 months old sitting in your fridge

Keep those hands up if you'll eat them without a doubt. However, eggs actually have a shelf life of 2 to 5 weeks.

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2. Do your toothbrushes look like this?

Replace your toothbrush every 3 months? Pfft, that's for the weak.

Don't even lie, you start to replace your toothbrush only when the bristles are all frayed and falling out.

3. Apparently, pillows are to be replaced every year. LOL NOPE.

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Your old pillow with your favourite heavenly smell can't be replicated! Plus, it has the perfect dip for your head to rest nicely on it.

4. Do you use your loofah till it just... falls apart?

Sponges and natural loofahs start to breed bacteria in just a couple of weeks, whereas plastic mesh ones last a little longer, up to eight weeks.

5. Experts say dish sponges are to be replaced every week... WHO EVEN DOES THAT?

Although there are no set rules on this, but a quick search on Google told us that dish sponges should be replaced after a week's use and sanitised every other day by soaking warm water and bleach or popping it in the microwave. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

6. Forgetting about those credit card points and then realise too late they've expired

Yikes, even credit card points have expiry dates?! Those precious points you collected vanishing into thin air!

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To make sure you never repeat this mistake again, trust Citibank with your points because they NEVER EXPIRE.

7. Not chucking away those running shoes you've had for years

You might be too reluctant to throw away your expensive kicks but in fact, they should be replaced after every 400km of use, especially for avid runners. For those with less frequent use, you can get away with replacing your workout shoes every six months to a year.

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8. Using that disposable razor way past a couple of shaves, until it's blunt

Well, 'disposable' is already in its name and so it's no surprise that it's designed to normally last for only one or two shaves.

9. If you've wondered why the cockroach won't die from the insecticide...

Insecticide becomes less effective typically two years after the manufacture date.

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10. "Eye makeup should be thrown away 6 months after opening"

If you wear mascara, we're guessing you have a big confession: your eye makeup is at least two years old...

However, bacteria will start to grow in a mascara tube within three months of use and can lead to pinkeye or other infections.

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This fun listicle was sponsored by Citibank.