[FACT OR FAKE #67] Has This Megastar Really Removed Her Ribs And Pickled Them In A Jar?

The Latin sex symbol has long teased fans with the suggestion she underwent surgery in a bid to transform her figure, but has she finally come clean over long-standing rumours that she removed two of her ribs to look slimmer?

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Legendary Mexican megastar Thalia – who is one of the best-selling pop artists in Latin American history – has long been the subject of surgery rumours and speculation

The actress, whose full name is Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda, starred in her first commercial aged just 1 and has since gone on to sell more than 40 million records worldwide. Also known for her roles in several telenovelas, she's believed to be worth $50 million.

For years rumors have circulated that Thalia had two of her ribs surgically removed in order to make her waist appear slimmer

And the 42-year-old megastar reignited somewhat macabre interest in her thoracic vertebrae when she mentioned the alleged surgery again during a televised interview last week.

Recently, she posted a sun-drenched, inter-changing Instagram image of her posing for a selfie with a jar. In said jar appears to be some sort of pickling fluid, and a number of small rib bones.

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"To all my loving Filipino fans, here is the proof!" she captioned it. "I love my famous ribs, I kept them with me all these years! And the saga continues..."
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She then posted a video of herself on Instagram, holding her bare abdomen, with the caption: 'You think I removed my ribs? Yes, no?'

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Naturally, some of the media sites picked up the images and wrote that Thalia had "finally confirmed" what many had suspected for some time by posting the pictures

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Many sites have reported on the image including the Daily Mail.

So is it really true? Did Thalia really have her ribs removed? How much of all this is FACT OR FAKE?

FAKE: The rumours about her so-called rib-removal surgery are just that - rumours. And Thalia was actually mocking the rib myths, as she herself revealed a day after.

It was Thalia who had the last, maniacal laugh when she later revealed them to be animal bones, and not her own ribs at all. "And the #myth will continue... 'Myth is not a true story, it is a story that is true,'" she cryptically followed up.

"Myths are a special kind of literature not written or created by a single individual, but produced by the imagination and experience of an entire age and culture and can be seen as the distillation of the dreams and experiences of a whole generation."

However, Thalia's prank aside, surgery to have your ribs removed for cosmetic purposes does exist. An urban myth holds that some celebs have chosen to have ribs removed.

According to CBS News, people who want to achieve an extreme hourglass figure sometimes opt for rib removal surgery - it is "major surgery, involving hospitalisation and the risk of infection, and there's no going back once the job is done."

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