[FACT OR FAKE #9] Does McDonald's REALLY Have Minion Toys?!

Countless of Malaysians are outraged at the lack of supply of "Despicable Me 2" minion toys that McDonald's has been promoting lately, many of them can't seem to get their hands on any...where ARE these minions?

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McDonalds Malaysia announces Happy Meal Despicable Me 2 toys promotions

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Happy Meal "Despicable Me 2" toys promotion by McDonald's Malaysia.

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But hundreds of Malaysians have taken to Facebook to complain about a lack of supply

Hundreds of Facebook users lodged complaints on McDonald's Malaysia's Facebook page.

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"I heard news spreading around that we are only able to buy ONE minion with one happy meal set. We are not allowed to buy more than one minion. But this is absurd!" -FB user

"Really horrid! Not enough toys to meet the demands & make other kids feeling so disappointed. C'mon la, get more toys...even on day 1 also already hard to get the toys. How a happy meal be happy?" -FB user

More complaints by Malaysians...

Complaints from Malaysians about the McDonald's Malaysia "Despicable Me 2" minion toys promotion.

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Malaysians express frustration at finding McDonald's minion toys being sold online

McDonald's minions found on Lowyat, an online Malaysian forum.

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"I'm not sure of McDonald's management is aware but the 3 minions from 4th to 7th July (FOR FREE WITH A MEAL) is being sold online in a set of 3, for RM80."

Malaysians outraged at stated time (12:01AM) minion toys are released and postponement

McDonald's "Despicable Me 2" minion toys.

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Just after midnight, McDonald’s Facebook timeline was flooded with complaints from customers in Penang, Ipoh and Tawau that the branches there were not selling after midnight, and only would be made available in the morning after 7am.

McDonald's "Despicable Me 2" minion toys promotion.

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"Honestly, this is ridiculous. Happy Meal for kids yet you're selling at 12AM? Got the brain to think if the kids can go buy at 12AM? Change the Happy Meal to sad meal la." - FB user.

McDonald's staff have booked the minion toys? This customer tells her story:

Facebook user Alsie Chang's complaint on McDonald's Malaysia's Facebook.

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"I was told the toys are out of stock (again) and this is at 1 in the afternoon. As the staff opens the drawer, there were plenty of stock in that drawer and when asked, I was told, 'Oh I'm sorry, the staff already booked this.'"

So WHERE are the McDonald's minion toys? Here's what McDonald's Malaysia SAYS:

When contacted by Melati Abdul Hai, head of marketing, McDonald's Malaysia said, "We have actually brought in a larger quantity of stocks for this promotion compared to previous promotions. However, customer response to the promotion has been overwhelming."

A spokesperson of McDonald's said the issue was not supposed to happen as the guidelines given to all 24-hour stores stated that the Despicable Me 2 Happy Meals should be available at 12am.


Doubting, thinking gif. Illustration purposes only.

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