5 Feng Shui Tips You Should Follow Because They Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

There are perfectly logical explanations to these.

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What do you think about feng shui?

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While some Malaysians would go out of their to ensure their offices and homes follow feng shui principles, there are also those who don't believe in it. 

But there are logical explanations for some feng shui tips, like these:

1. Your house should face the south

Feng shui belief: A south-facing house will bring the owner fame and wealth. It's also said to be good for people who want to climb the corporate ladder as it promises career growth too. 

Possible explanations: It's believed that this tip was conceptualised based on the climate in China. A house that faces the north in China will be exposed to the cold winter wind; whereas one that faces the south will enjoy the warm summer heat. This makes south-facing homes a more desirable asset in feng shui terms.

How it's applicable in Malaysia: It's alright to get houses facing north or south since we don't experience winter in Malaysia. However, you should avoid getting west-facing houses if you can't stand the heat. A house that faces the west will expose you to the hot evening sun after you're home from work, which can be really uncomfortable.

2. The best type of living room is a spacious one that's free from clutter

Feng shui belief: A spacious living room allows chi to flow around the house smoothly. A small living room with too much clutter will obstruct the flow, causing chi to stagnate. This is said to have adverse effects on your health, career path, and even your romantic life. 

Possible explanations: It's believed that this tip is encouraged to allow for ease of movement around the living room, a place used by families for bonding and entertaining guests. With so many people in one space, too much clutter will only make moving around more difficult. 

How it's applicable in Malaysia: Being in a tropical country like Malaysia, a spacious living room is exactly what we all need. The space allows for better air circulation, which prevents stuffiness and keeps the temperature cooling. Having clutter will only make the space look small and uncomfortable, and you might even hurt yourself by knocking into them. 

3. Don't get a house that faces a T-junction

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Feng shui belief: Feng shui believers will mostly avoid purchasing houses that face the T-junction due to the overwhelming negative chi that is directed at it. This kind of chi movement is sometimes referred to as the "poison arrow", said to bring bad luck to the homeowners' health, career, and wealth. 

Possible explanations: It's said that this concept originated from the frequency of horse-drawn carriage accidents that happened in China during ancient times. People who live in houses that face T-junctions would sometimes suffer material damages or injury when a horseman loses control of his horse or carriage. 

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How it's applicable in Malaysia: Facing the T-junction means that your front door and windows are also directly in front of incoming traffic. This can be quite annoying at night as you'll need to deal with bright headlights and the noise. A worst case scenario is that if a driver loses control of the brakes at the junction, your gates would be the first to go. 

4. Open your curtains during the day, and close them at night

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Feng shui belief: Curtains should be kept open during the day to allow healthy chi to enter the house. However, you need to keep them shut at night to prevent too much yin energy from coming in. 

Possible explanations: Without electricity, people in ancient China rely heavily on sunshine to go about their daily work. This is why they keep the curtains open during daytime, to allow a healthy amount of sunshine into the room. Curtains are drawn shut at night to allow for privacy during bedtime. 

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How it's applicable in Malaysia: You should make full use of the sunlight that comes through your window during day time. Natural lighting is always healthier, and it helps you save electricity too! Curtains can minimise the exposure to light, so it's best to close them to ensure that you'll have a healthy sleep.

5. It's best if you can get a nice view from your main door

Feng shui belief: It's said that having a beautiful scenery in front of your main door will invite good chi into the house. Basically, what you see is what you get. A nice view symbolises a positive future. 

Possible explanations: Most Chinese gardens are miniature versions of the natural wonders in China. These gardens are used for leisure, and are said to have good effect on a person's mental well-being. Thus, having a nice view from your main door is actually good for you as it could cheer you up. 

How it's applicable in Malaysia: Research shows that having natural scenery around you helps you to relax and focus. Besides that, psychologists say that the colour green has a calming and soothing effect on your minds. So it's great if you can get a house that has greenery around. 

Here are some helpful tips for you if you're planning on purchasing your first property: