15 Best Things To Do In Melbourne That Fellow Melburnians Would Approve Of

Melbourne, the city of maze with hidden gems of amazing coffee, culture and food.

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1. Take a stroll through the rustic, mysterious laneways and discover some hidden gems

2. Resist the urge to take selfies with the endless epic street art at Hosier Lane or elsewhere

3. Sit back and grab a cup of flat white from one of the many cosy, hidden coffee shops

4. In fact, go cafe-hopping and drink lots of amazing coffee from secluded, quirky locations

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They’re often tucked into a laneway off another laneway, or are so unmarked that you’d walk right past it without knowing.

5. Go on one of the world's most scenic coastal drives road trip along the Great Ocean Road

6. Have a picnic at one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks (and then taking a nap right after)

Royal Botanical Gardens.

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Docklands Park.

Image via Donna Nutter
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7. Catch an AFL game and experience the insane energy that's like no other

8. Have a taste of the alfresco lifestyle in the breezy seaside villages of Mornington Peninsula

Just an hour drive from Melbourne, you can explore the galleries, spas, cafes, and experience Europe's coastal way of living combined with the Australian's.

9. Stalk a food truck and grab some mindblowing street food...

10. ...or join the insane queue to get into Mamasita because it's. so. worth. it.

11. Head over to Yarra Valley for a relaxing retreat to unwind

A lil wine tour and brunch don't hurt nobody!

12. Go bar crawling while discovering the hidden secrets of the city in obscure laneway or rooftop bars

13. Succumb to the temptation of adorable penguins and catch them at St Kilda or Phillip Island after sundown

14. End the night with an amazing Greek supper from Stalactites that just hits all the right spots

15. Lastly, always remember to "touch on" when travelling outside of the CBD on the tram

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Unless you want to be looking at a hefty fine, always tap your Myki card on the machine when getting on the tram, travelling outside of the CBD. But it's all good if you're travelling within the CBD and Docklands area, cause it's free.

Melbourne's maze of hidden laneways, off-the-beaten-track gems and secrets are waiting for you to discover them

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