Wedding Photos Of The Famous #FollowMeTo Couple On Insta Are Looking Absolutely Perfect

#FollowMeTo the altar.

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Remember Murad Osmann, the Russian photographer who takes beautiful pictures of him being led around the world by his girlfriend, Natalia?


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His ‘Follow Me To’ Instagram series started after Natalia got frustrated with him always being preoccupied with his camera wherever they went. She resorted to literally dragging him round by the hand on their travels. So Murad started taking pictures of Natalia leading him by the hand wherever they went. The couple now have 2.5 million followers and have been to India, Hollywood, the East End and Hong Kong, among many, many other beautiful locations.

Two years ago, Murad proposed. She said YES!

Image via MuradOsmann

Last weekend, they finally tied the knot. In typical Murad fashion, he announced his marriage to the world via Instagram with this perfect picture.

Image via MuradOsmann

Murad captioned the picture: "#followmeto the wedding with my love @yourleo. I promise to hold your hand and tell you I love you every day for the rest of our lives."

Just a few days ago, Murad teased us with a picture on Instagram with his then-fiancee getting ready for the wedding

Image via MuradOsmann

Natalia Zakharova, his wife uploaded some pictures of the wedding on Instagram too! They look great together...

We finally get to see the man behind the camera!

Image via Natalia Zakharova

...and look at how gorgeous that dress is! If you're wondering who made that dress, it's Vera Wang!

More gorgeous photos from the wedding!

Image via Lideventhouse
Image via Lideventhouse
Image via Lideventhouse

Congratulations, newly weds! Honeymoon pictures next, perhaps?

Image via Giphy

Meanwhile, our intern Ashley tried the hand-holding pose with her boyfriend. Although he wasn't a fan of it, the photo caused quite a viral stir...

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

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