8 Fun Party Games To Play With Friends That Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood

These games are family-friendly too, so family game night, lessgo!

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Whether you're hosting from your own home or rented villa, making sure people stay entertained is key to a successful party

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The last thing you want is bored party-goers looking at the time and thinking up excuses to leave early. This is where fun party games can come in to save the day.

Remember all those intense card or board game sessions after school? Or, perhaps chill puzzles and simple pen-and-paper activities were more your style when the bell rang for waktu rehat

Either way, we sure had lots of games that kept us entertained, some we still enjoy even to this day.

At your next soiree, why not keep the upwards momentum going with some entertaining activities and games that may just transport your friends and family back to their childhoods.

Here are some fun ideas you can try:

1. Batu Seremban

Let's start things off with a classic game from every Malaysian's school days, Batu Seremban. It's probably one of the most recognisable Malaysian games there is!

The fun lies in its deceptively simple steps — using fabric squares filled with little rocks, beans, or rice, you play the game by tossing them into the air, and picking each Batu Seremban up without dropping any.

2. Pin pon pan

Best for crowds of five to 10, this Japanese game will remind you of silly memories from when you were a carefree child.

The rules are simple. Gather everyone into a circle, where the game starts with one person saying, "Pin." A second person will say, "Pon," and a third, "Pan."

The person who says, "Pan," has to point to another random player in the circle, which will then restart the cycle. Speedy and exciting, you lose the game when someone points at you, and you slip up by saying the wrong word or are caught unaware. 

3. Sticker stalker

Image via Ingenio Virtual

Still feeling proud of that sticker collection you had from all those years ago? While our beloved stickers were mostly safeguarded in the pages of sticker books, this time you'll actually get to put them to good use!

Get enough sheets of fun, colourful stickers, so that each guest has one set. The end goal with these stickers? Throughout the party, you have to sneakily stick them on other players without them noticing. The first person to successfully plant all their stickers wins! :D

4. The doughnut game

The best party games often involve food, just like this next one. Perfect for birthday parties, all you need to play this family-friendly game are doughnuts, string, sticky tape, and a table.

Thread the doughnut with some string. Tie a knot to secure it, then tape one end of the string onto the table so that the doughnut is dangling down.

All players, either head-to-head at the same time or broken down into smaller groups, have to sit on the floor with hands behind their backs while facing the doughnuts. The first person who eats the entire doughnut (no using hands) wins!

5. Wheelbarrow race

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If you're throwing a party outdoors or in an area with ample space to move about, a wheelbarrow race is a great way to roll your sleeves up and indulge in some good ol' fashioned fun.

Just like how it was during hari sukan races, this game can get super competitive, really quickly, heheh.

In teams of two, decide who will be the driver and the wheelbarrow. The driver will hold onto the ankles of the wheelbarrow, who will have to walk with their hands, as they reach the finish line together. Cue the giggles and hilarious moments! ;P

6. Congkak

Time to break out the congkak sets! This traditional game's popularity transcends generations for a reason. It's a great option to have around, especially for smaller group gatherings or when multiple games are going on at the same time.

Whether you use marbles or stones, the objective is to get all of your pieces across 14 small holes, before filling a bigger one at each end of the board, respectively. A relaxing pastime that's thrilling enough to enjoy at laidback parties. 

7. Selfie hot potato game

This updated version is similar to the hot potato game many of us used to play as children, but with double the laughter. 

Instead of passing around a small object, like a ball or actual potato, you pass around your smartphone, with your camera on a timer in selfie mode.

Set the timer for as however long as you wish, but don't tell the other players. Everyone has to hold the phone like they're taking a selfie before passing it onto the next person.

When the timer runs out, the person holding the phone will have to take a selfie, resulting in lots of funny photos you can all treasure forever. You can also make up challenges (like funny faces only), for each round to make things more interesting. 

8. Eraser battle

Image via theSundaily

This game used to help us pass time in class, and now it's coming through again as the perfect party game to entertain and take guests down memory lane.

All you gotta do to win is flip your eraser until it lands on top of your opponent's piece. To spice things up, you can also play the game in a rapid-fire round, where you divide guests into groups to compete. 

The winners get to keep all the erasers, which means you'll get to revive your eraser collection too, yasss!

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