[FACT OR FAKE #7] Do Masks Really Protect You From The Haze?

Do masks really protect you from the haze? Should I take steps to protect myself from the haze? How bad is it? All your burning questions, answered!

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Why should I protect myself from the haze? What's in the haze?

Haze particles are predominantly made up of fine particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller (PM2.5). Studies have shown that N95 masks provide good protection, they're at least 95% efficient against fine particles that are about 0.1–0.3 microns.

According to The National Environment Agency Singapore (NEA), you won't need a mask till the PSI level exceeds 150 in the "Unhealthy" range.

Why are people saying that wearing masks is useless and that it won't protect you from the haze?

According to Singaporean politician and colorectal surgeon Dr. Koh Ph Koon, ordinary surgical masks do not serve any protection so don't go rushing for them.

Short term exposure won't cause cancers & that only those who need to be outdoors for long periods of time need to wear the N95 masks. If you're sitting in an air-conditioned office, there's no real need for one.

#1. N95 Particulate Respirator: FACT - YES, this mask provides good protection

N95-level respirator is at least 95% efficient when tested against sodium chloride (salt). Used for solid & non-oil based particles. Applications include grinding, sanding, bagging & general processing of various minerals & other substances that do not contain oil.

#2. Polypropylene Mask: NO, surgical masks DO NOT serve any protection

The polypropylene mask is approved for first aid, bio safety, emergency preparedness, laboratory, medical, dental & food processing. It protects the user against liquid strike-through and biofluids.

Which mask should I be wearing? What about pregnant women, children and seniors?

The N95 is NOT SUITABLE for pregnant women and children. Persons with chronic lung or heart conditions who feel uncomfortable when wearing the N95 masks should stop doing so and consult a doctor before carrying on.

A statement found on Wikipedia about "Surgical mask". Is it really true?

A statement stating, "As at December 2008, 86.9% of the world's surgical masks are manufactured in Indonesia." Source not accesible or traceable.

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7 Steps to minimise health effects of the haze

The haze from the fires in Sumatra has lowered the quality of air in Malaysia and Singapore tremendously. Do read on about the haze and the precautions you and your family should take to minimise the haze effects on your health!

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