10 Most Syok Food Combinations You Seriously Need To Try Right Now

When it comes to mind-blowing kitchen creations, Malaysians have got it down to a fine art.

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1. Nasi lemak + crème brûlée

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This genius creation sees the pairing of creamy coconut pudding with berry sambal, topped with nasi lemak essentials: cucumber, anchovies, and peanuts!

Curious to see how it tastes like? Drop by Ecole P in Damansara Uptown!

2. Hash browns + maple syrup

If drizzling maple syrups over pancakes is a little too mainstream for you, try swapping them for hash browns instead!

You can also try this interesting blend of flavours in burger form at myBurgerLab.

3. Teh tarik + white coffee

One favourite Malaysian flavour in your cup is already a God-sent gift, imagine TWO of the nation's favourite drinks blended into one!

The best part? This ultimate cham drink is sweetened with stevia, making it a low-calorie guilt-free indulgence and each sachet is perfect for on-the-go-convenience. Grabbing a pack is very likely to result in you becoming the office pantry hero so cham on over!

4. Banana cake + peanut butter

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Have you tried The King? Magic happens when you meld two childhood foods together.

This majestic cake can be savoured at VCR, Jalan Galloway and The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown.

5. Watermelon + buffalo wings

A bite into these extra spicy chicken wings will jolt the senses awake while the juicy watermelon cubes can help to soothe.

Give this cray cray combination a try at Wanderlust, Solaris Mont Kiara.

6. Banana fritters + sambal kicap

Tired of the Pisang Goreng Cheese fad? Try banana fritters the Johorean way: dip the piping hot bananas in spicy soy sauce instead!

7. Green tea + pomegranate

Who would've thought to offset the slight bitterness of green tea with the tartness of pomegranate?

At Shah Alam's Cake Jalan Tiung, these flavours are beautifully melded into a pavlova!

8. Karipap + mee hoon

Image via Tokeinfo

Somewhere out there, a culinary genius made eating fried vermicelli on the go super easy by stuffing them into fried pastry shells. We're just glad we live in a world where this wondrous creation exists.

9. Mango + smoked duck

Image via OpenRice

One of the best meat and fruit combinations would have to be the savoury smoked duck complemented by sweet and sour mangoes.

Turn up the epicness another notch by flipping the flavours into pizza, like at The Intermark's Bonjour Garden.

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10. Ikan masin + strawberry

The standard sambal too mainstream for your nasi goreng? Cameron Highlands-based Abang Strawberry has the perfect solution: salted fish strawberry sambal!

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