5 Easy Tips To Transform Your Home Into A Minimalist Living Space

Always remember, less is more.

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A minimalist interior can look atas and neat, and we all know that’s #HouseGoals

From laid-back luxury, to modern minimalism, it’s got people hopping on the ‘less is more’ train, and it seems like it’s here to stay.

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Minimalism is all about neutral colour palettes, clean lines, and simplicity

It makes a lot of sense that this trend is popular, because having a cluttered home can really mess with you. With so many things in the house, there’s a huge chance that you’ll spend waaaaay too much time cleaning, because more stuff = more mess.

Wanna go minimalist? Here are five steps to get you started:

1. Get rid of the clutter and do a deep clean once and for all

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Only keep the things that you really want, and declutter all the junk. Keep your surfaces neat and organised. Ask yourself what can be thrown out, what should be kept away in the cabinets, and organise them according to priority. 

Repeat this process every few months and continue simplifying your space. Over time, you'll realise that it's super satisfying to constantly organise your things because everything just looks like it's in order.

2. Go for a neutral colour palette

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We’re talking grey beiges, nudes, tans, and off-whites. If you want a more warm atmosphere, try more yellow-undertoned colours, but it's always best to go for lighter colours that will make your room look bigger.

You can also play around with textures if you want to design your room around similar tones. 

3. Less is always, always more

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If you want some decorative pieces, choose one or two that will be the focal point of the room. Too many, and you’ll clutter the place unnecessarily, so just go for one main accent decoration. 

The idea of minimalism is to just keep things simple. When done right, it can look really, really atas and super nice!

4. Follow the "One in, one out" philosophy

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This is a philosophy that you gotta live by if you want to embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Think about it this way: if you buy something, but you already have a similar item, throw the old one out.

This way, you’ll save on a lot of space, as well as money, because you’ll definitely think before you make a purchase.

5. Combine functionality and design when buying anything

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When buying stuff for your house, you must always remember that everything must serve a purpose when it comes to the minimalist style. Basically, don't go ham on decorations, as much as you want to, hehe :p

Instead, what you could do is invest in furniture that won’t go out of trend and are built to last. Choose things that look sleek with clean lines, adding some chic vibes to your home.

Are you inspired to go minimalist yet?

If you are, get started by choosing key items around your house that you can simplify or change styles. 

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