Gombak Just Got Its First Beginner-Friendly Neighbourhood Skate Park & It's Adorable

Skateboarders, rollerbladers, quad skaters, and even BMX riders are welcomed!

Cover image via SAYS

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Recently, Taman Sri Gombak wrapped up construction on its local park, revealing an adorable skate park that is currently open for public use

The public park underwent remodelling a few months ago, and recently reopened towards the end of February, welcoming skaters from all around.

The park that had been around for over 10 years has now been redesigned into an interesting and challenging skate park, featuring ramps, flat rails, and platforms, which also satisfies intermediate skaters who enjoy practising tricks.

However, beginners are not to feel intimidated as the park also has its fair share of flat ground to practise cruising

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

Centered around a tree, skate park designer Fariq bin Mohamed Esa, who goes by Ed, aimed for a sustainable and green concept

In a conversation with SAYS, Ed mentioned that the triangular layout of the park was designed while keeping in mind the huge tree that has been there since before the construction began.

He believes that the unique shape and innovative concept of the park differentiates this park from the others that he has designed.

At the peak of his skating career, Ed was competing internationally as a professional aggressive inline skater, and has since had a hand in designing several skate venues in Malaysia, including the Converse Kajang Skatepark, the National Stadium Bukit Jalil Skatepark, the Bagan Datuk Sports Complex in Perak, and the Sibu Active Youth space in Sarawak.

The 40-year-old skate park designer, who now doubles as an event organiser, worked closely with the Selayang city council throughout the construction of the Gombak skate park, and received financial aid from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

"This skate park is open to all sorts of sports including, skateboarding, rollerblading, BMX, and scooter riders. Everyone is encouraged to wear safety gear and enjoy the facility. Designing this park was definitely challenging as I had to keep in mind the already existent layout, while utilising the limited space. All in all, this park was definitely a worthwhile experience," Ed told SAYS.

Local aggressive inline skater, Fariq bin Mohamed Esa, who goes by Ed.

Image via Provided to SAYS
Image via SAYS

Do keep in mind, that although the park may be open, the Selayang city council is still in the midst of completing the landscape work around the park

Currently, the park is awaiting landscaping work to be done by the city council to further enhance its green concept.

It's also worth noting that rain water has began collecting at the base of the huge tree at the centre of the park, contributing to a rise of mosquitoes in the area.

Local skaters who frequent the skate park told SAYS that they hope the city council would quickly complete the landscaping work, and do something about the stagnant rain water.

From left to right: Local skateboarders Harris, Fahmi, and Aizat at the Gombak skate park.

Image via SAYS

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