These Gorgeous Japanese Minimalist-Inspired Homes Come With Flexible & Functional Layouts

Such gorgeous homes!

Cover image via Gamuda Cove

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If you admire Japanese architecture or minimalist designs, check out Gamuda Cove's latest residential addition to its township, Enso Woods

Image via Gamuda Cove

Built for the future, Enso Wood embraces the Japanese concept and minimalist design to give the houses elegant and aesthetic looks

Image via Gamuda Cove

Envisioned as ideal sanctuaries away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Enso Woods homes are designed for post-pandemic home living – where flexibility, adaptability, and space are essential for those looking to work from home.

Plus, Enso Woods is strategically located in the beautiful township of Gamuda Cove in the Southern Klang Valley, where you can enjoy various facilities, amenities, and conveniences just a stone's throw away. In fact, Gamuda Cove is located about 30 minutes away from KLIA, and just two kilometres away from Cyberjaya with the new direct interchange ready by 2022. 

Check out the highlights of living in Enso Woods:

1. The homes are designed based on the Japanese philosophy, danshari, which means decluttering for a happier life

Image via Gamuda Cove

If you're familiar with Japanese architecture, you'll know that most Japanese homes add minimalist, modern, and wood touches to their interior design. 

Inspired by the same philosophy, Enso Woods brings you beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing homes. Although they come in different sizes and layouts, all the garden terrace homes are catered to be your personal sanctuary with pure, balanced, sleek, and uncluttered designs. 

2. Each home comes with open space and a multi-functional layout, so that it gets plenty of natural lighting and ventilation

Image via Gamuda Cove

With these layouts, the homes are not only visually spacious and airy, but they allow for flexible and easy space planning and usage. 

Additionally, each home boasts an extensive kitchen and dining area. You'll have plenty of space to move about when you're cooking. And thanks to the open space, you can still keep an eye on the stove while working or watching over your kids in the dining area. 

3. Be surrounded by gorgeous green landscapes and an ample amount of outdoor spaces curated specially for you

Image via Gamuda Cove

A space to be zen and relax, Enso Woods homes connect to lush green backyards and gardens, so that nature is right at your doorstep. In other words, you can enjoy a serene and tranquil lifestyle with pretty sights to behold.

If you wish to take a stroll or get some exercise, there are also playgrounds, fitness pods, Zen garden, and garden pods nearby. Other than enjoying some me time, you can also spend time with your loved ones or gather with residents and neighbours.

And at the vibrant Gamuda Cove, there is a massive 60-acre pet-friendly central park just a few minutes away. 

4. Enjoy collaborative space and co-living with Enso Woods' community pavilion

Image via Gamuda Cove

As working from home is now the norm, Enso Woods features a community pavilion, an area where you can get your work or studying done with minimal distraction while being surrounded by greenery. In fact, the community pavilion is two storeys high to allow plenty of space and privacy. 

Here are the facilities the community pavilion offers: 
- meeting/function room
- working pods 
- community farming zone
- cascade seatings 
- leisure and working deck 
- event spaces 

Best of all, whether you're a first-time homeowner, a small family, or a multi-generational family, Enso Woods by Gamuda Cove has beautiful homes for everyone

Enso Woods has over five different home options ranging from a double storey (1,731 sq ft) to a triple storey (2,880 sq ft).

Boasting a tranquil lifestyle and Japanese minimalist-inspired homes, Enso Woods by Gamuda Cove is truly a great place to live. Find out more about the residence here.

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