Hangnails, Ridged & Half Moons: What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Why do some people have half moons on their nails while others do not?

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If you've ever had a hangnail in your life, you probably know the pain of having these annoying little piece of sh*ts messing with your day

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More often than not, our nails are good indicators of our health condition and can signal towards other issues.

Hangnails are one of the most common signs of an underlying problem

Some of its main causes are from having dry skin, biting your nails, or using harsh soaps and detergents.

However, lack of proteins and/or vitamins can also lead to having these little nuisances.

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According to American College of Healthcare Sciences, you may be lacking in vitamin C, folic acid, or protein.

So try to eat foods that are full of vitamins and protein, such as capsicum, tomatoes, broccoli, fish, and lean meat. Drinking lots of water can also keep you hydrated and healthy overall.

And of course, as tempting as it might be, avoid biting and pulling the hangnail out because it'll only make it worse.

Ridged nails are also a pretty common occurrence that usually happens as a result of aging or vitamin deficiencies

Dr Lawrence Gibson, a professor of dermatology at Mayo Medical School, explains that vertical nail ridges appear more prominent with age. 

However, if the ridges appear horizontal or your nails begin to change colour, it's best to visit a doctor as this might point towards an underlying health problem.

Try to eat more green, leafy vegetables, whole grains, and fish to increase your calcium, protein, and zinc intake.

Ever wondered why some people have whitish half moon shapes on their nails while others don't?

These half-moons are called lunulae and they are usually found at the base of each fingernail.

For some people, the lunulae on their nails are not visible at all.

An article by MedicalNewsToday reviewed by medicine physician Dr Alana Biggers states that lunalae disappearing or not appearing as visible may be due to malnourishment from extreme diets, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, or vitiligo (a chronic skin condition).

However, if you can't see the lunulae on your nails, don't panic. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have issues. 

Skin colour and genetics are some factors that may make the lunulae appear more or less visible as well. It's most likely there but just hidden under your skin. If you're really concerned, it is best to consult with a doctor.

Meanwhile, these white marks that occasionally appear on your nails are not actually caused by calcium deficiency:

Aside from jaga-ing your diet, a good manicure or pedicure from professionals can help to clean up your nails:

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