[FACT OR FAKE #46] Beer Is The Best Cure For Hangover

How effective is drinking more alcohol when you have a hangover? Does it help at all?

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The pounding head, sour stomach and dry mouth of a hangover can make the binge of the night before seem like a very bad idea. It always does.

But before we get to discussing about hangover and what cures it, let's first find out what really is a hangover?

What is a hangover?

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A hangover is your body's reaction to drinking too much alcohol that makes you pee an inhuman amount and shrinks your brain and produces toxic chemicals in your body that make you feel terrible sometimes depending on what you drink and in what order.

So, what cures a hangover?

Almost everyone you know seems to have a sure fire theory about how to have a big night out and still avoid the dreaded hangover. Some just don’t add up while others can leave you feeling even worse.
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If you have a hangover — the dry mouth, nausea, dizziness and headache that result from overindulging in alcohol — it's too late to do very much to make yourself feel better. A lot of hangover remedies have been tried, but there's not much evidence they help.

What about beer? The infamous hair of the dog remedy that drinking more alcohol will cure your hangover? How much truth does that saying holds?

Does beer cure heangover?

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FACT: Beer doesn't really cures your hangover. All It does is to delay your hangover into later on in the day.

Having another beer for breakfast might make you feel better temporarily, but it will do nothing to "cure" your hangover. Drinking when you have a hangover only prolongs the agony. Time is the only sure cure for your overindulgence and a reminder to go lighter on the libations in the future.

Beer doesn't help hangover

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More alcoholic drinks will only boost the existing toxicity of the alcohol already in your body, and according to research, may lead to further drinking. A 2011 study published in PLoS One found alcohol to be a poor hangover remedy as it causes greater alcohol dependence.

Here's the science behind the best remedy for your pounding head. Researchers suggest chugging a Sprite the morning after. Or if you prefer to skip the sweet stuff, soda water may be a good alternative.

While a Bloody Mary or cold beer may seem like the best way to cure what ails you after a night of binge drinking, Chinese scientists say a better option is a swig of Sprite.

The sugary, lemon-lime flavored carbonated soft drink was rated the best of 57 beverages tested by a team of researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou. Sprite, the scientists concluded, helps break down acetaldehyde, a metabolite of ethanol, which causes the headaches, nausea and accompanying feelings of regret too much booze, beer or wine can cause.

Interestingly, the scientists found that sipping herbal tea may slow down the process, prolonging your hangover.

For more, watch the scientific hangover cure video that lists the possible remedies in detailed manner:

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