Malaysians Can Get A Brand New Car Every 3 Years With New SmartLease Service

It's not so complicated after all.

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From being tied down to car loan of 9 years to dealing with the depreciating value of cars, buying a new car is a major commitment for most Malaysians

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Not only is the process a hassle, but even if everything goes smoothly and you end up with the car of your choice, you're left with a slew of concerns once the initial euphoria fades. :(

Well, MyMotor SmartLease, the new financial service launched by automotive portal MyMotor could very well be the solution that Malaysians need

Here's everything you need to know about both MyMotor and their new service:

1. Who exactly is MyMotor?

An online platform that helps to facilitate hassle-free buying and selling of cars by bringing both parties together. They serve as sort of a concierge service by assisting customers every step of the way with their expertise, helping to ease the otherwise complicated transaction process. They are backed by Malaysia's leading e-Government Service Provider, My E.G Services Berhad.

2. How will MyMotor SmartLease help you?

Normally, buying a car would involve you committing to two contracts that are equally lengthy: (1) a vehicle ownership contract and (2) a loan repayment scheme. This means that you are bound to the same ever-depreciating in value car and are also stuck paying off a loan for far longer than necessary.

MyMotor SmartLease offers you an alternative to this situation by essentially allowing you to claim a car for yourself via a short-term rental system.

3. How does it work?

Through MyEG Credit, MyMotor SmartLease offers a flexible short-term lease period of 3 or 5 years. With just a 3 months security deposit* and a low fixed monthly payment, you will be able to own (for the duration of the lease) your chosen car from MyMotor's selection of brand new and used vehicles.

*Note: This is a one-time only payment so if you choose to use the service again after the end of your lease, you won't have to pay this again.

4. How much money will this save you?

How much you'll save will depend on a few criteria, such as which car you choose for example. But on average, your grand total payment (down payment + monthly payment) will be less than half of what you would normally pay for a car loan.

5. What car models are available?

Here's the selection of cars that are currently available under this service (more coming soon):

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6. What happens once the lease period is up?

You will have the following options at the end of your lease period:

- Return the car (no need to worry about depreciating car value).
- Renew the lease with the same car.
- Opt for a new car and new lease.
- Change the lease agreement into a purchase agreement and own the car for good.

7. What exactly are you paying for? Is it just the car?

Nope! Whatever price you end up paying is inclusive of road tax, insurance and maintenance fees (all of which MyMotor will help to settle for you) for the entire lease period.

8. What happens if the car breaks down or has problems?

Just contact MyMotor. They will assist you in the event of any breakdown issues or insurance claims.

9. How do you get everything set up?

It only takes a few simple steps, as per the diagram below:

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Check out their website for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

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