This Heartwarming CNY Video Shows How Friendships Can Be Formed When You Least Expect It

The best kind of friendships are the ones you don't anticipate.

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Sometimes, friendships can be found in the unlikeliest of places

We usually think of friends as our peers, people our age who we can joke with, go to movies with, or just generally do silly things with.

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However, Matrix's latest CNY video shows that you can also develop friendships with those who you least expect

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The video revolves around a girl who always passes by the same old lady on her way to school. After many days of interacting with each other from afar, they develop a connection. One day, the girl decides to invite the old lady over to her house for Chinese New Year, where they are finally able to meet and communicate face-to-face.

Watch the full video below to see how the plot plays out:

Now that CNY is nearing, you would also be able to bond more with your Poh Poh and Gong Gong

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Whether it's decorating the house together or helping them cook the reunion dinner, CNY is definitely a great time to bridge the generation gap and harvest a deeper connection with them.

When celebrating Chinese New Year this year, remember to connect more with your loved ones, because the bond that you've created can go a long way

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So, while you're busy stuffing your face with pineapple tarts and counting how much ang pow money you've collected, don't lose sight of the bigger reason behind celebrating Chinese New Year. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your relatives near and far, because this precious holiday is probably the only time that your WHOLE family gets to be together!

Matrix wishes you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year!

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