Here's How To Renew Your Passport Online

Say goodbye to waking up at 4am and waiting in line for hours outside the immigration office.

Cover image via Passport.MY

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From booking hotels, scheduling activities, and even organising food tours, we often forget one of the most important parts of travel — renewing our passport

After a long travel drought due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysians everywhere are flocking to any international country that'll willingly take them, just so they can spark the long-forgotten memory of flying overseas.

Among some of these countries include Japan, who're opening their borders to Malaysians on 10 June!

But what's a travel plan without securing those important documents you need before stepping onto the plane?

Luckily for us, gone are the days of having to wait for hours at the immigration office to renew a little red book that'll take you wherever you want to go.

Here are five easy steps to renew your passport online:

1. Click on this link, which takes you to the Malaysian Immigration Department website

Read the terms and conditions stipulated in the requirements.

After reading the terms, scroll down and and click the Agree button (SETUJU).

2. Enter all your details — including age, current passport number, and nearest immigration office to collect the finished passport

The list of centres within Malaysia include a whopping 67 locations.

However, if you are outside of the country when making the application, there is an option of collection for those in Hong Kong, Indonesia (Jakarta), the United States (New York), Australia (Canberra, Perth, and Melbourne), Singapore, and the UK (London).

For those below the age of 18, you will need to enlist one guardian in the application.

3. Upload your passport photo

Here are some of the guidelines you must abide by when uploading the photo:

- Photo size: 50mm x 35 mm (as shown below)
- Background MUST be white, without any shadows or distracting items
- Wear a dark top that conceals your chest and shoulders
- Do NOT wear glasses, and do NOT place any accessories on your head
- Polaroid photos are NOT allowed
- The photograph must be taken by a professional photo studio, and be in the form of soft copy

4. Check and ensure that all the information provided is correct, then proceed with payment

Payment amount varies based on your age:

- Adults aged 13-59 years old (5 year duration: RM200).
- Senior citizens aged 60 years old and above (5 year duration: RM100).

5. Collect your new passport at the selected immigration office

The date of collection is normally within three to five working days after submitting the application. However, you will receive an email with further stipulations as to the process of collection.

Crucial to remember, bring along a printed version of your receipt, the expired passport, and your identification card (IC).

A representative will not be allowed to collect the finished passport on your behalf. For those who are below the age of 18, the guardian listed in your details will need to accompany you when collecting the passport as well.

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Image via Passport.MY

And that's it! Have you tried renewing your passport online? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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