PSA: Here Are 7 Things You Should Never Do If You Get Into A Car Accident

Don't panic!

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Whether it's just a small fender bender or a big crash, it's normal to feel shaken after experiencing an accident

When something like that happens, it's important to stay calm and collected, so that you'll be able to take the necessary steps to take care of the situation. This will also help you avoid being taken advantage of or being scammed.

Here are 7 things that you should never do if you find yourself in an accident:

1. Panic and drive away from the scene

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No matter who is at fault, don't just drive off. Make sure all vehicles involved in the accident move to the side of the road, so you can settle the accident together. That way, you're also steering clear of traffic so you won't be at risk of getting hit by other cars.

Oh, and don't forget your hazard lights, guys! Turn them on so that the vehicles behind you are aware that your vehicle is a road hazard and they can actively avoid your car.

Also, when stepping out of the car to inspect damage or discuss the accident, do not leave your valuables or car keys in the vehicle or ignition. These items could be stolen, especially during heated situations or a commotion at the scene.

2. Forget to exchange important details and information

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After a car accident, both parties should always exchange the following information:
- Name 
- Address
- Phone numbers
- Insurance providers and policy numbers
- Driver's license number
- License plate number
- Location of the accident

Exchanging your particulars are important so that either party is contactable if there are any claims to be made.

3. Take longer than 24 hours to report the incident

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It's required under Malaysian law to lodge a police report within 24 hours of the crash. This is always the best thing to do since all the deets of the accident are still fresh in your memory. Without a police report, you also won't be able to make an insurance claim for your car.

When making the report, be as detailed as possible! You may be asked to repeat what happened several times by the police inspector, and that's pretty normal, so don't sweat it (:

Any dashcam footage will also constitute evidence, so be sure to hand that over to the police as well.

4. Admit fault on the spot

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In the heat of the moment, the other driver involved in the accident may try to pin the blame on you and demand repayment.

However, even if you are in the wrong, stay cool, and try to remain silent so that no liability falls on your end. Also, it's advisable to not offer any form of compensation.

By admitting that it is your fault, it may give the other driver a valid reason to accuse you, bully you, or even send you a ludicrous repair bill the following day. The best approach is to bring the facts to the police station and allow them to process your report.

5. Take too few photos of the vehicles involved and the accident scene

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Regardless of how minor or major the accident was, it is always important to have evidence of the damage. It will come in handy when you're making claims and police reports.

So, whip out your phone and start taking pictures of the damage done. Make sure to take photos of all the vehicles involved in the accident, not just your own car. It's important to do this so that the other party cannot try to blame you for unrelated damage to their vehicle. 

Additionally, if there were any witnesses nearby, you can also take down their contact information. They could help by giving a recount of the accident from their perspective.

6. Accept assistance from random tow-trucks

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It's also very important to not fall victim to tow truck scams after a severe accident. Even you aren't able to drive to the car workshop on your own, never accept assistance from random tow trucks.

They charge extremely high prices for their "services". :/

Additionally, you should never allow anyone to force you into signing, towing your car, or send it to the car workshop on your behalf. Always call your insurance agent or provider to send help your way!

7. Forget to get in touch with your insurance company

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Malaysian law also requires every road vehicle to have insurance coverage. Following an accident, your insurance company should be made aware of the situation, so just go ahead and give your agent a call.

You should also provide some visual proof of the accident, so the pics you took will definitely come in handy!

Your insurance agent should also be able to provide you with advice on how to move on from there: whether you should bear the cost of repairs yourself or if you should make a claim on your policy.

Moreover, your coverage will depend on the type of motor insurance policy you purchase, so be sure to buy one that fits your needs. 

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