Here's Why Some People Can Fall Asleep Quickly After Drinking Coffee

It's all in your genes.

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Do you have that one friend who claims to feel nothing after having a cup of coffee? Or are you that friend?

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Turns out, you might not be that weird. And your friends who start every morning with a hot cuppa aren't just faking it.

It all has to do with your genes

Scientists have identified something called the "caffeine gene" that appears to control our body's reaction to caffeine.

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The gene basically determines how well and how fast you process the drug. The way your body works will depend on what kind of variation you have of the gene.

Here's how caffeine works:

From the moment you wake up each morning, your body begins to produce a substance, known as adenosine that causes you to feel sleepy. As your day goes on, the levels of adenosine will rise, causing you to naturally feel tired throughout the day.

To your body, caffeine looks exactly like adenosine. Except, it doesn’t work like adenosine does. So your body is tricked into thinking that it has enough adenosine when it doesn’t. The caffeine stops your body from making you feel tired by blocking the effects of adenosine.

So how are some people's genes stopping them from feeling the drug's magical effect?

There might be three reasons:

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1. Your body could be producing other substances besides adenosine that make you tired.

2. The adenosine in your body is strong enough to stop caffeine from overpowering it.

3. Caffeine is being processed too quickly by your body. You might be excreting it before it even starts to work.

So unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to experience the wonders of caffeine.

But look on the bright side, if your body experiences no side effects from caffeine, you can still enjoy a nice hot cappuccino before bed and not have to worry about your sleep

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