Feeling Sluggish Lately? Here's Why You Should Invest In Your Sleep

Sleep is not only vital for your physical health but your mental health as well.

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There's no denying that we all need sufficient sleep to function properly during our waking hours

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However, many of us tend to cut back on getting enough rest to make way for other activities we don't have time to do during the day. This spells bad news for our overall physical and mental health, hence affecting our quality of life. :(

What's also worrying is that many seem to be more willing to invest time (and money) on expensive gadgets rather than improve their sleep patterns. 

Did you know the average Malaysian spends around nine hours browsing the Internet on their gadgets? That's similar to the number of hours recommended to spend sleeping at night.

More often than not, we can't help but enjoy the instant gratification our mobile devices provide us, especially with social media and the Internet being right at our fingertips. But, consider this: As much as we spend and take care of our devices, shouldn't we be giving the same, if not more, attention to our own minds and bodies by ensuring that we are well-rested each day?  

With that being said, here's why you should invest in your sleep:

1. Your productivity throughout the day will increase

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It is said that getting sufficient sleep will help improve concentration and help with higher cognitive function, both of which we need to unleash our brain's full capabilities.

Just like our mobile phones need to be charged before they can function, the same goes for us as well. Think of your mattress as a charging pod that you use each night to recharge yourself, so that you'll be well-rested and able to carry out your work without a hitch!

2. Investing in a better mattress will pay off in the long run

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One way to invest in your sleep is by buying a good mattress. You definitely wouldn't want to be tossing and turning all night long or waking up with a sore back!

If the price of a mattress is a concern, consider this: While a mattress may be more expensive than a mobile phone, they have a longer lifespan of eight years and above, making it a better investment to prioritise.

After all, sleeping is an essential activity that can affect all aspects of our life, from mental health to our physical health. So really, you're investing in a better you for the future! 

3. When you get your beauty sleep, you'll eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

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Everyone wants to delay symptoms of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, especially on the face. :') However, staying consistent with your skincare regime and feeding your body with good food aren't the only things that will help keep your skin radiant.

Based on research, one night of poor sleep can cause paler skin, dark undereye circles, and swollen eyes, as well as more wrinkles and fine lines, among other effects. This is because the skin's recovery process on the epidermal layer takes place when we're asleep. Our skin's blood flow increases during the night, allowing collagen to naturally build and repair damage from the daytime's harsh UV ray exposure, which will help reduce wrinkles and age spots. 

4. You'll be able to improve your memory

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Did you know that while we're asleep, our minds are still at work? It's actually processing and consolidating your memories from the day. And if you don't get enough sleep, those memories might turn into false realities, or worse, vanish completely! 

You would have probably also noticed that when you don't get proper sleep, it's harder to recall certain information or think of solutions to your problems. To stay focused and avoid brain fog during the day, make sure you build an effective night routine, get at least seven hours of sleep each night, and have a comfortable mattress and pillow to sleep on. 

From this, we can safely say that investing in our sleep is of paramount importance, whether it's getting enough sleep or being comfortable in bed.

Luckily for us, Slumberland has a wide range of quality mattresses that are designed to give us optimal comfort to achieve a good night's sleep.

With how hot Malaysian weather is, it can be difficult to fall asleep, especially when your body starts to get sweaty and sticky in the middle of the night.

That's where Slumberland's TempSmart 5.0 mattresses come in. This range is specially designed to keep you cool and ensure you are comfortable throughout the night, as the mattress can adapt and regulate according to the changes in our body's temperature.

Featuring Kikoo SleepTech from Germany, the mattress is able to remove excess heat by keeping cool for up to 12 hours or more. Wowww, thank you, technology! :D

Also, did you know that all Slumberland mattresses come with a 15-year warranty? You'll be guaranteed to catch many nights of proper sleep with their premium quality mattresses for years to come.

If you want to reap the best deals, then be sure to check out Slumberland's year end promo!

Happening from 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2023, you'll be able to get a gift value pack worth more than RM1,700 when you spend above RM3,000 on their mattresses. Yayy! :)

Here's what you'll be getting if you spend above RM3,000:
- Slumberland waterproof mattress protector (worth RM275)
- Slumberland toiletries bag (worth RM89)
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- Slumberland comfort rest plus pillow x2 (worth RM550)

Here's what you'll be getting if you spend more than RM5,000:
- Slumberland cool comfort deluxe supersoft duvet (worth RM730)
- Slumberland toiletries bag (worth RM89)
- Slumberland travel adaptor (worth RM79)
- Slumberland microfibre towel (worth RM39)
- Slumberland eye mask (worth RM19)
- Slumberland anti-dust mite mattress protector (worth RM660)
- Slumberland comfort rest plus pillow x2 (worth RM550)

Want to learn more about Slumberland mattresses? Head over to their website to find the right fit for you!

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