You Can Now Shop For Customisable Notebooks, Stylish Baju & More Local Products With Grab

You can find popular brands like ana tomy, Pestle & Mortar, and more under the 'All Things Local' category.

Cover image via Pestle & Mortar Clothing (Provided to SAYS) & ana tomy (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Grab.

With Malaysia Day around the corner, there's no better time than now to support local businesses <3

Not only will you be contributing to Malaysia's economy by supporting homegrown businesses, you'll also be pleasantly surprised to find some hidden gems you wish you knew about sooner!

This is exactly why Grab has introduced 'Teroka All Things Local', where they've created a cosy, virtual space that makes it super easy for you to discover handpicked local brands, ranging from fashion and health and beauty, to home and living. 

Aside from giving Malaysians a platform to teroka local brands, this initiative is meant to bring them into the spotlight so they may grow and thrive

(From left) Cliff, Zeejay, and Fidella, the co-founders of ana tomy.

Image via ana tomy (Provided to SAYS)

This is the case for local brand ana tomy, as they found that joining Grab opened themselves up to more potential customers about their brands and products.

ana tomy specialises in personal stationery and gifts. Besides being a homegrown venture, what really sets them apart is how they allow Malaysians to customise and personalise their products.

"That's how we started, and that's how ana tomy will continue to be. For every product we designed and made, we want to have the DNA of customisation in it, which allows our users to be able to create something that truly represents them," said Zeejay, one of the co-founders of ana tomy.

Similarly to ana tomy, fashion brand Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) can also be found on Grab. As a team of creative storytellers who wish to share Malaysia's diverse culture through their clothing designs, the homegrown streetwear brand has grown steadily through the support of the local community.

"Having been in this space for over 12 years, we're able to tell stories through our creations that resonate with Malaysians, while giving them a stylish flair. We're also constantly looking for new ways to break boundaries and do more that excites us, as well as our customers," said Amelia, Project Lead and Marketing and PR Manager of PMC.

Now that these local brands are right at your fingertips, you can easily purchase your fave items with no fuss at all

This includes ana tomy's customisable books, as this is one of their bestsellers!

"Our customers love the freedom to customise down to the different sections in the insert papers. You can create a planner, notebook, sketch book, recipe book, or everything in between," said Zeejay.

He explains that ana tomy's products, including their customisable books, are inspired by the surroundings and everyday living in Malaysia. 

"We love saying this, ana tomy is like the nasi kandar of stationery. Components are curated by our design team, and you personalise to your taste and needs - just like the way you personalise your nasi kandar dishes."

Or if you're looking to change up your style, you can opt for PMC's Flying Mechanic tees, a customer favourite for its recognisable and classic silhouette.

"In our latest Super Sweaty 2022 collection, we launched a few variations of this – Dip Dye, Arabic, and the Machina which is a slightly reimagined version!" said Amelia.

When it comes to PMC's design aesthetic, Amelia says that PMC takes plenty of inspiration from the things that surround them, from the things they see to experiences in their daily lives.

"Malaysian culture is inherently part of our DNA, and we like to infuse small parts of that into our designs. Take a look at our Sagalorean tee, or our Keris Wielder tee. These are all part of our Malaysian heritage," she shared.

Speaking of Malaysian heritage, you'll also get access to their special collections in conjunction with Malaysia Day! :D

ana tomy's collaboration with Lock Yi.

Image via ana tomy (Provided to SAYS)

Together with local artist Lock Yi, anatomy's Malaysia Day collection features unique and quirky covers for their notebooks.

"This collaboration is an interpretation of the madness happening in the modern world, which we can't seem to run away from anything. Lock Yi decided to interpret this sense of malaise through her art," said Zeejay.

PMC will also be releasing a few exclusive designs that will give the world a glimpse of Malaysian culture. 

"These designs will be very relatable to the daily lives of Malaysians, while maintaining PMC's cheeky, playful style. We are proud of our heritage and what it means to be Malaysian, and we cannot wait to reveal more," shared Amelia, as she asks readers to stay tuned for more updates.

Besides making it more convenient to buy your fave items, GrabPay and PayLater by Grab have also made life simpler for these homegrown businesses

For PMC, GrabPay and PayLater gave their customers more flexibility to shop with them.

"With PayLater, our customers are able to break down their purchases into smaller chunks, giving them the ability to stay stylish while managing their finances," said Amelia.

As for ana tomy, about 10% of their e-commerce customers started using GrabPay to checkout, with some even opting for PayLater.

"With the convenience of PayLater, it helped to increase the average basket size too," said Zeejay.

Interested to purchase from ana tomy, PMC, and other local brands? You can enjoy great discounts from now until 9 October with exclusive promo codes from Grab, yay!

On top of earning 1.5% value back in GrabRewards (for GrabUnlimited users) when using GrabPay or PayLater, you can make use of these discounts when buying from local businesses!

Here are all the deets:

- GrabPay: Get 10% off (up to RM20), min spend RM200 with promo code GPDEALSTEROKA

- PayLater by Grab: Get 10% off (up to RM 25) min spend RM 250 with promo code PLDEALSTEROKA

Jom, let's celebrate Malaysia Day by showing support to local businesses! Head over to Grab's website for a look at other featured homegrown brands.

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