HouzKEY Is Making It Easy For Malaysians To Own A Home With 100% Financing

You can purchase the house after 12 months at the locked-in property price.

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Want to own your dream home, but not sure if you can afford it right now?

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Many Malaysians may feel the pressure of having to own a home, but just can't afford it right now due to the high downpayment. The worst thing that could happen is if you commit to a home, but find out later that you don't like it.

That's why HouzKEY was designed to help Malaysians who can't afford the high initial cost of owning a home:

1. Minimal upfront cost
Instead of having to pay a big downpayment for your home, HouzKEY lets you move into your dream home with a minimal upfront cost. You'll only need to pay 1% move-in cost or 3 months security deposit (that's refundable).

2. Decide in five years
Once you move in, you don't have to decide to buy the property immediately. After 12 months, you can choose to buy through mortgage or cash. After five years, you can choose to walk away with zero hassle.

3. Lock in the price now
The best part is that the price of your home is locked in from the moment you move in. For instance, if your home appreciates from RM300,000 to RM400,000, you can still buy it for the original price of RM300,000. You can even decide to sell it within five-year period and keep 100% of the profit.

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The good thing about HouzKEY is that it makes owning a home much easier, especially in the first five years

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For young Malaysians who are just starting out in their career, but want to get ahead and own a home before property prices increase, HouzKEY is the perfect option. The fact that you get to walk away after five years makes it completely risk-free.

HouzKEY now offers properties by top developers in Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang

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On the Maybank2own website, you can also browse through both landed and high rise properties, including new launches and completed properties. You can even filter by location, price, number of bathrooms, and more.

If your desired home is not on the list, you can apply for it via HouzKEY as long as it's a completed residence in KL or Selangor that's lower than RM1 million. For the full list and to register your interest, head over to their website today.

Ready to own your dream home? Find out more about HouzKEY on their website today!

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