5 Things To Look Out For When Buying A High-End Vacuum Cleaner

It's an investment that will save you from backaches and hours of labour.

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Modern vacuum cleaners come in countless shape and sizes - from tiny palm-sized keyboard vacuum cleaners to commercial grade vacuum cleaners the size of a mini fridge

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But for the common everyday household use, a good, user friendly and most importantly reliable vacuum cleaner able to pick up the tiniest of dirt should suffice to keep the lady (and man) of the house happy.

Here are the top five things to look out for when getting a high-end vacuum cleaner:

1. Type

Which to choose?

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The typical types available in the market are the upright, canister, stick and robotic types.
Upright is a traditional vacuum that has a tilt-and-push design and cleans the floor with ease.

Canister is a vacuum with long hose attached to a tank and generally easy to carry around.

Stick vacuum is sleek, slim and lightweight which is perfect for quick cleaning.

Robotic vacuum requires absolutely no effort by you as it “maps” your room and roam to around to suck debris. Convenient for hard floors and carpets but unable to clean stairs, sofas, ceilings and counter tops.

2. Suction power

Upright - This traditional tilt-and-push vacuum is generally good in deep-cleaning rugs and floors. While they can have good suction power, it is heavy to push-and-pull and may still need different attachment tool to reach into tight spaces.

Canister - This baby is one powerful sucker. Its compact body allows you to clean debris on furnitures as well as cobwebs on ceiling corners.

Stick - While this vacuum is convenient to use, its sucking power is incomparable with a full-sized vacuum.

Robotic - They may be able to get under furnitures you may have overlooked, but their cleaning power isn’t as powerful as a full-sized vacuum cleaner.

3. Accessories

Be sure to also check the accessories that come together with the vacuum cleaner such as the hose extensions, brushes, carpet suction head and nozzles.

You would want your vacuum cleaner to be able to clean carpets, hard floors, window seals and to suck cobwebs from the ceiling. Usually canister vacuums come with different types of accessories you can attach and detach to suit the places you need to clean.

4. Bagged or bagless

Bagged vacuums are more hygienic as the dirt sucked will be contained within a closed bag. However, as bag fills, the overall performance of the vacuum will start to decrease.

Higher end vacuum cleaners are mainly bagless for one good reason - no loss of suction power as the dust compartment fills up. This is especially important when you are vacuuming a thick carpet. It is also less-expensive as users don’t have to keep purchasing bags which makes it eco-friendly.

5. Filters

Good vacuum cleaners will make cleaning your home less hazardous to your health, especially when you or your loved ones have allergies, asthma or eczema. It's important that your vacuum cleaner not only picks up dust but retains it well, so allergens are not made airborne while you're cleaning.

Advanced vacuum cleaners have HEPA - the 'High Efficiency Particulate Air' filter to pick up tiny allergen particles that are 0.3 microns in size or larger at an efficiency level of 99.97%.

Find a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with the right tools to clean your upholstery. Better yet, one that cleans problematic dust mites in your bed.

One of the most annoying things when vacuuming is that the vacuum is unable to pick up micro dirt and dust from tiled floors due to tiny crevices

If you're looking for a smart all-in-one vacuum, the newly launched Hitachi Power Boost Cyclone Series vacuum cleaner has an advanced Japanese technology to catch dust that brooms can't

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The Hitachi Power Boost Cyclone Series vacuum cleaner has a powerful 2300W motor and a 430W suction power. Its cyclonic technology with HEPA and Nano Titanium filters is designed to capture even the finest particles and ensure clean exhaust air.

This ability to reduce exposure to allergens while you're cleaning was given the Allergy UK Seal of Approval!

Here are more of its advanced features you’ll find particularly useful:

1. Its Smart Head motorised auto-drive head is able to both suck AND wipe at the same time which is super time saving.

The Smart Head generates high speed airflow for powerful suction

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Using the free multi-angle head helps you reach in between furniture and other narrow areas. Replacing this head with the 'One Touch swivel brush' will effortlessly clean hard-to-reach places that are not possible with robotic vacuums like the top of your shelves and cabinets.

2. The Power Beat Head feature - a bed nozzle that vibrates and beats fabrics to isolate and suck in dust mite faeces that could trigger allergies in toddlers. If you’re a mum, you’ll have peace of mind with this well thought out feature.

Get rid of dust mites with the Power Beat Head feature

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3. Also, its 4-way suction feature is able to pick up dirt from the tiniest of crevices from all sides of the head - every home-owner’s dream come true! Its strong suction compared to robotic vacuums isn't lost even when you pull back.

The 4-way suction head

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4. The dust case of this vacuum was designed in a way where you can dispose the contents easily. With one-touch operation using only one hand, you can avoid coming into contact with it.

Fuss-free cleaning!

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Feel like it could be a good addition to your home? Find out all you need to know about the Hitachi Power Boost Cyclone Series vacuum cleaner, here.

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