You're One Simple 'Recipe' Away From Cooking Up The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

So close, you can almost taste it!

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Getting bored of your stale and bland kitchen, and just dying to add a dash of spice and a whole lotta flavours to transform it into your dream kitchen?

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Ohhh, that dream kitchen that seems so far out of reach!

Now, before you get overwhelmed by having to cook up a storm, here’s a simple recipe you can follow to create a delicious and delectable kitchen:

Step 1: Measure your ingredients

Measuring your kitchen seems daunting, but it’s important you get it precise, accurate and down to the millimeters because your measurements will be the basis for all your planning. Go clockwise when measuring. Start by the going around the room, recording the length of each wall. When it comes to doors and windows, don't leave out the measurements of the trims.

Once you get that right, the rest will take its course. If you’re unsure about what to measure, there are kitchen experts always ready to help!

Step 2: Plan your menu

Planning your kitchen is when your dreams and ideas take shape. Functionality is very important. No matter the shape of the kitchen, form a triangle with the sink, fridge and stove, less than 2 meters apart. This allows for a better flow and ease of movement

Handy things like 3D home planning tool can help you visualise the perfect ‘dish’. Whether it’s a delicious rack of cabinets or a side of mustard doors, keep reading till the end to see where you can get them.

Step 3: Order your shopping list

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Now comes the fun part, shopping time! When you’re satisfied with your ‘menu’, it's time to pick up your ingredients. Keep in mind the finish, texture, little things like knobs and handles that will play a part in the complete overall appearance of your kitchen.

You can also drop by the IKEA store for a chat with the kitchen experts. They can help go over your kitchen plan with you and assist you with anything you are unsure about.

Step 4: Plate and serve

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Time for the exciting part - putting everything together, and transforming those ideas and plans into a beautiful, fully functional kitchen of your dream. There are many resources at hand to make this happen, from kitchen installation guides to certified installation services. So, whether you’re installing everything yourself, or getting third party help, evaluate your own capabilities in terms of skill and time.

And now it's just the matter of enjoying the fruit of your labour - your spanky new kitchen!

Feature a dose of bright colour to spice up a white-washed kitchen.

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Inject elements of vintage furnishing with modern design for a shabby chic kitchen.

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Add a pop of vibrant hue and patterns for a modern, fun kitchen.

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Creating the perfect kitchen to suit your taste is now easier than ever with the all-new customisable IKEA METOD kitchens

Your dream kitchen is just one fry up away!

IKEA METOD kitchens are developed to give you the freedom to create your personal design, look, and functions - all at an affordable price. From cabinet frames and doors to kitchen worktops and sinks, there are thousands to get creative with.

With a 25-year guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting quality ingredients for your kitchen! ;)

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Metallic finishings add a modern yet timeless touch for a polished look.

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Not only are there numerous kitchen looks to choose from, there's also a comprehensive guide you to assist you throughout all the steps from planning to executing. With 3D planning tool, kitchen experts' advices, and more this is the one-stop centre to achieve your dream kitchen.

With your brand new kitchen, these are the perfect condiments to go with it!