How To Get The Best Out Of Fine Dining As A True Malaysian Foodie

Fine dining can be enjoyed by everybody.

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Malaysians are really blessed with lots of AMAZING food, the variety and the flavours are guaranteed to make your taste buds dance in excitement

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But when it comes to fine dining, Malaysians tend to stay away and would always compare the prices and portions of fine dining to other alternatives

However, those reasons shouldn't stop you from enjoying a fancy meal once a while. Here are some easy steps you can take to appreciate fine dining for what it is.

1. Increase your knowledge on the various kinds of fine dining - it's not all French! Each one brings something different to the table (pun intended).

Fine dining isn't just about feeling like a refined gentleman or a lady nor is it about knowing which fork to use in different situations. Each restaurant brings something different to diners. For example, Nerovivo in Bukit Bintang is known for their Italian food while Marini's on 57 gives diners an exquisite view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Some combine a mix of concepts, such as Elegantology, a fine dining restaurant that also doubles up as a boutique that offers exclusive fashion for both men and women, designed and produced by local designers.

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2. Read up on the values the restaurant stands for and get to know who the chef is

Before heading over to the restaurant, do a simple research on the types of cuisine they serve and learn their food philosophy. Do they believe in preservative-free food? Are they believers of fresh produce? Maybe it's the modern techniques they use? All these little titbits of information will definitely contribute to your overall dining experience.

Oh! If possible, do find out more on the head chef as well! Find out what inspires him or her, what are some of the must-try dishes and who knows, your meal may even be cooked by a celebrity chef! ;)

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3. At the restaurant, feast your eyes on the unique ambience and savour artistic details of the restaurant. Don't be shy to take photos!

Admit it, you love the decorations and the ambience. You don't have to pretend to be all proper and uppity. Loosen up and soak in the atmosphere with your loved ones, it's a dinner after all. Take pictures, hashtag them, do whatever that floats your boat.

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4. Don't limit fine dining just for special occasions

Everyone wants to celebrate good occasions at a fancy restaurant be it graduations, wedding dinners, engagements, or business deals. But why wait for special occasions... when life itself is an occasion to celebrate!

Work hard, play harder, have passion; you deserve a glass of wine and a perfect steak for dinner. Let good food pamper you for a change.

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5. Instead of calculating the cost of a meal, appreciate the art of fine dining. It's actually quite affordable!

We understand that sometimes the prices may make your blood pressure rise slightly. But when you place yourself in an environment that is at serene, where you have one staff member for every two diners, and ensuring that you're never waiting, the actual cost is truly not exorbitant.

Let's break it down per hour: if you hit RM200 per person you will most likely be dining for three-plus hours, roughly RM67 per hour. You cannot get a spa treatment for that, nor a lawyer, nor a joy ride in a Lamborghini.

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6. Use all your senses to enjoy the food!

The very process of eating doesn't just involve sight and taste. That's just shortchanging yourself. Instead, learn to notice more that's going on around you. Try (if possible) to listen to the chef searing your steak and the sizzle that hits the grill. Take a deep whiff of the smell that permeates through the air once it is served right in front of you. Take a good look at the food, admire the creation of the hands that made it, take pictures if you must.

Don't be afraid to play with your food. Is it crispy? Smooth? Tender? Let each ingredient dance along on your tongue as you have that bite. Mmmm...

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7. Last but not the least, close the meal with a dessert. You deserve it!

After all these pointers, you do need a break. What better way than something sweet and Instagram worthy! Dig in!

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Fine dining isn't that bad now isn't it? Expand your tastebuds at Elegantology, where the food is prepared carefully by rising chefs. Find out what you're missing on HERE!

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