9 Ways To Find People Who Are Into The Same Random Things As You

Where all my peeps at?

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Do you sometimes wish your group of friends shared more similar interests with you?

It can be SO. FRUSTRATING. when you're looking for a gym buddy but all your friends are the kind that prefer to laze around at home. Or when you really want someone to share your love of musicals but everyone you know finds them annoying.

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Sounds like it's time to expand your social circle a little bit!

Grab X Tinder gives you the opportunity to do just that. And the best part is that your new social circle could include a top Malaysian Internet personality who may just be into the same stuff as you. Deets at the end of the story!

But first, here are some simple ways you can start meeting people who share your interests:

1. Use the Internet to your advantage

The internet is your best tool when it comes to looking for like-minded people, there's just so many avenues you can explore. Some examples include joining a specific forum or FB page/group and using interest based social media sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest.

2. Go out and join a club IRL

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Because sometimes talking online just isn't enough. Especially if your interest is on the more active side, from the more common stuff like football and basketball to non-mainstream activities like paintball and laser tag.

Plus, there are even super obscure fandom-related ones like Quidditch, so you're sure to find something that meets your fancy. And if there really isn't one, start your own!

3. Look for events that are related to your interests

For instance, if you're interested in fashion, take note of events like KL Fashion Week and Pestle & Mortar's Smashing Weekend.

Or if live music is your thing, keep an eye out for the variety of performances that the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra puts on every year. You could also head on over to venues such as Merdekarya and The Bee to catch some awesome local gigs.

4. Stalk your fav #hashtags on Instagram (and tag your stuff too!)

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You'll never complain about excessive hashtagging again now that you'll be using them to find other kindred spirits who share your undying love for whatever it is you're into.

5. Step out of your comfort zone

Don't be afraid to go along with your friends who have different interests than you. Take a chance every now and then and give new things a try, you may discover that you do like it after all. And best of all, you'll already have a kaki who's into it too!

You could start by trying out Grab X Tinder where you could get to do a secret cool activity with a popular Malaysian influencer.

6. Say 'yes' when people ajak you out

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You're never going to meet new people if you just stay home all the time or only hang out with your squad. Try to make an effort to attend events and outings where there'll be people you don't know. Broaden your social circle and you're sure to meet some fellow enthusiasts along the way.

7. Make your interests known on social media

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If you just keep your interests to yourself, how is anyone supposed to know what you're into? Be public and vocal about the stuff you like on social media and those who share your feels will find you.

8. Offer to teach others something you're good at

If you've got the skills, don't let them just go to waste. Whatever it is that you're a total pro at (art, sports, music, etc.) there'll definitely be someone out there who wants to learn how to pick it up. Offering to teach a simple beginner level class is a great way to naturally bring others who share the same passion to you.

9. Volunteer for a cause you particularly love

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Love animals or have an interest in the altruistic side of things? Your 'lack of fellow enthusiasts' solution may be the easiest of them all. From animal shelters to orphanages, there are loads of places that would be more than happy to take in volunteers.

How else do you meet like-minded people? Let us know in the comments section below. :)

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