[VIDEO] We Tried Identically-Looking Drinks To See How Well We Know Our MILO!

"I was born in MILO!"

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We Malaysians love our MILO®. We drink it in the morning, for lunch, even at night when hanging out with friends at the mamak. #MILOislove #MILOislife

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So when we were challenged to guess the MILO® variants, we're SO READY. C'mon guys, how hard can it be right?

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OMG why does it all taste the same?! Watch the full video to see if we guessed the MILO® variants correctly:

And if you're wondering how different MILO® Less Sugar taste like, you might want to grab yourself a pack today!

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This new MILO® Less Sugar is different than its other variants because it actually contains 25% less sugar compared to the regular MILO®!

Though with the lower sugar content, this improved version is high in calcium and a source of protein packed with essential nutrients, such as Vitamin B. Definitely a chocolate malt beverage made to fit differing Malaysian tastes and preferences so that there is a MILO® for everyone.

The best part is that it is available is stick packs so you can conveniently treat yourself to a MILO® Less Sugar in the office, at home or anywhere and anytime you want it!

Find out more about how MILO® Less Sugar fits into your lifestyle here and give it a try today! Now available in-stores nationwide.

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