Not Sure How To Help As A Malaysian? Here Are 6 Incredible Charities Helping Ukraine

Beginning with children to women and families alike, these charities show that their honourable work deserves the support of Malaysians to all Ukrainians alike.

Cover image via GlobalGiving & @wckitchen (Instagram)

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From supplying medical aid to providing access to food, these charities ensure nobody is stripped of their essential human rights

All around the world, many organisations are working tirelessly to provide counsel to Ukrainians that go days without food, medical attention, and shelter. As Malaysians, we understand how critical some of these necessities might be, but finding the right charity that accepts our assistance may be hard to identify at first glance.  

We have put together a few charities that accept aid from anyone, around the world, including Malaysia:

1. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

UNHCR is a global humanitarian organisation dedicated to providing safeguard and protection to all individuals whose basic human rights are threatened within their birth country. The range of protection includes displaced and stateless people to refugees who were forced to leave their home out of fear of persecution. 

Since the attack on Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the UNHCR has worked tirelessly, providing safety and assistance to the nation and neighbouring countries welcoming them with open arms. You can support them in a variety of ways, including a one-off payment or a "monthly gift", all of which goes to supporting the programme to continue their noble work.

If you would like to donate, click here or email [email protected] for alternative donation methods! 

2. World Central Kitchen (WCK)

It started as a simple idea between celebrity chef José Andrés and his wife, Patricia, in their humble home that was devoted to providing meals to the hungry when in need. Since 2010, WCK has provided meals to those in Haiti, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Beirut. It only expanded their humanitarian works through the years. Though its mission began to aid countries facing natural disasters, the recent crisis in Ukraine did not go unnoticed by the organisation. 

Popularising the hashtag #ChefsforUkraine, WCK is currently serving thousands of Ukrainians daily by providing fresh meals to those affected in Odessa and Lviv, as well as Ukrainians who have fled to other countries such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Slovakia. 

All donor information is kept strictly confidential, with donations varying from a one-off submission, monthly donations, and even a dedication in memory of someone. To help this fantastic organisation continue their work, click here to make a donation (of any amount) today!

3. GlobalGiving

Operating since 2004, GlobalGiving has been one of the leading organisations acting as a medium to raise funds for communities affected by destruction. With the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund, multiple projects have been created targeting specific groups of individuals and their requisite needs.

Among the charities enlisted under this project include the WONDER Foundation, aiming to support displaced Ukrainians in Poland, ChildAid to Eastern Europe, providing love and protection to abandoned babies in Ukraine, and International Medical Corps, deploying mobile medical teams to those directly involved in armed groups. 

Image via GlobalGiving

Go to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund on GlobalGiving today and donate to the charity of your choice within the list of projects or donate to the fund entirely itself! 

4. International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Founded by Albert Einstein in 1933 and based in different areas all over the world, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) works to aid individuals facing national crises of every sort. From providing health care vitals to empowering disparaged communities, the IRC has only stepped up to the plate to protect Ukrainians facing gross injustice. 

The IRC recognises a wide variety of donation methods, including personal debit or credit cards, and PayPal as well. Grounded in Poland, each donation ensures any displaced families immediate asylum. 

Image via
Image via

To make a donation or to send an emergency gift to those in Ukraine, please click here for further information. 

5. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Established as one of the most renowned charitable organisations, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has not shied away from helping those in Ukraine. By deploying water engineers and doctors, ICRC aims to provide clean water access and rebuild the homes destroyed during the attack against Ukraine. 

Together with their other well known partners, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, ICRC will continue to ensure that the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is met with an overwhelming amount of support and sustenance. 

Send in your donations here in any amount you would like to give. ICRC accepts a one-off donation or a monthly provision depending on your personal preference! 

6. Save The Children

Save The Children's mission is simple : They believe that every child deserves a future. In combating the ongoing troubles in Ukraine, Save The Children has continuously provided an array of options to ensure that every child facing the wretched circumstances is accounted for and not forgotten. 

Reaching some of the hardest areas currently, varied amounts contributed to Save The Children provides food, shelter and masks to children caught in the conflict. Through this ongoing COVID-19 battle, Save The Children has taken great measures to ensure the complete safety of Ukrainian children.

For an immediate donation, please click here to begin the process. 

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