7 Malaysian Fiction Novels For Anyone Who Says Books Put Them To Sleep

Just like movies, music, and other forms of entertainment, reading a book will most often change your worldview.

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Books are a subjective thing. You either love them or you hate them, but we implore you to rethink the hate part. For these Malaysian novels, beautifully written and close to the heart, are a must read.

Some of the books published by Buku Fixi.

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These books by local publisher, [Buku Fixi](, are some of the best renditions of our Malaysian culture and way of life. Expect to read loads of high profile scandals, corruption, love, black magic, murders, and everything else that is ugly and amazing about living in Malaysia. The books are labeled as fiction but we'll let you decide if the stories ring a bell. 

We picked seven of our favourites from the Buku Fixi English collection and put together this list.

These books mainly detail the stories hidden in the dark and twisted side of the streets in Malaysia, beneath all that shiny glassy exterior.

1. KL Noir: RED

KL Noir: Red is the first of the KL Noir series.

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With a collection of 14 short stories, written mostly by Malaysians from all walks of life, KL Noir: Red kick-starts the series with some really disturbing stories about Kuala Lumpur.

Most of us would assume what we see as the reality of things but this book reveals a surprising, ugly truth hidden beneath everything we see.

Look out for:

'Mamak Murder Mystery' by Marc de Faoite: The depressing lives of Indian immigrants working in local eateries, especially the greasy, ever busy mamak restaurants, woven in a fast-paced story. We promise you would never look at them the same way again.

2. 13 Moons

13 Moons by local writer Ee Leen Lee was published in 2014

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Ee Leen Lee must have a thing for everything mysterious, horrifying, and brutal.

In 13 Moons, she takes urban myths, folklore, and horror stories and entwines them with our daily lives. Think real life predators, pedophiles described in the form of ghosts, toyols, and serial killers.

Look out for:

Red Balloon: The ghost of a young girl leads the story, she lurks in the suburbs and playgrounds trying to get the attention of the residents to reveal the hidden truth behind her death. The story may invoke memories of reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Seabold but the ending takes an unpredictable turn.

3. KL Noir: Blue

KL Noir: Blue is the third installment in the KL Noir series.

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The book cover says it all. This book brings to life all the thoughts and suspicions you had about the sickening crimes that happen in Kuala Lumpur.

There are 15 stories detailing child brides, male chauvinism, gang fights, suicide, and murders. The catch is that the book will leave you wondering how far will one go to fight for justice - will you break the laws in order to get justice?

Look out for:

Gangsters in Retirement by Balan Moses: A bunch of old Indian gangsters in Brickfields reminiscing their glory days. Beliefs collide, people change but will your past actions ever stop chasing you? The story feels a little like watching a B-rated Tamil movie, but reading it somehow manages to grab your attention with details that are always left out in the movies.

4. Horror Stories

The author of Horror Stories, Tunku Halim has is well known for his passion for writing about all things supernatural.

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Even book haters love a good horror story. Tunku Halim nails it by compiling his short horror stories over the years, from 1997 until 2007.

The stories are punchy and vividly written, but not exactly spooky. They describe more of the dark, ghostly presence that lurks in all of us. The monsters in men peppered with a touch of supernatural beings.

Look out for:

Ladiah (1999): The twisted tale of lust between an Indonesian maid and her employer takes an eerie turn when black magic is thrown in. Rather obscene but it makes you wonder if all those horror stories you heard about "spooky" maids are true after all.

5. KL Noir: Yellow

KL Noir: Yellow is the final installment to the four part series of KL Noir books.

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Believe me, this book has very little to do with the cheery, warm goodness of french fries. The fourth installment to the KL Noir series is a little different.

The stories are written under the same theme surrounding KL Noir that drags the readers through the underbelly of KL but each is wrapped in a different story altogether, giving readers a sense of variety. 

Look out for:

Anai by Wong Pek Mei: This is bound to leave you angry and disgusted. A young girl is sold by her parents to a pedophile that satisfies his sick fantasies as she struggles to eventually accept the cards fate has dealt her. Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita comes to mind. 

6. KL Noir: White

KL Noir White comes with a total of 18 short stories.

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There is nothing white and pure about the ongoings in a bustling city like Kuala Lumpur. There are more stories on crime but this particular book focuses more on the tragedy that all of us hope but hardly befalls the pathetic, sick people committing crimes.

Look our for:

Clippings by Amir Sharipuddin: Politicians shape our lives; they make the policies, run the country, and decide the rules. Sometimes, they play their cards all wrong and you desperately want to get rid of them and most would think of voting them out. But in this story, the protagonist takes matters in his own hands and starts slitting throats of conniving politicians. It is basically the Malaysian version of Sweeney Todd lah.

6. Love In Penang

Love In Penang was published in 2013.

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Taking a break from all the unhappiness that surrounds humans, Love in Penang takes a refreshing twist in the Buku Fixi series. Sure, it is just a book about people in love, but what really makes it special is the setting, Penang.

The love described in the stories aren't just between humans but also for the little heaven that is Penang. Don't be surprised if you find yourself packing your bags and heading off to Penang, hoping for a romantic adventure. ;)

Look our for:

Amah's Bicycle by Julya Oui: The relationship between a teenager and her aging grandmother blossoms through a beautiful love story from the past. There is a sense of intimacy when the author describes the grandmother's old, seasoned love.

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