We Love How This Place In Shah Alam Has Tons Of Insta-Worthy Spots

All your followers will be super jealous of your gorgeous photos.

Cover image via Ardence Labs at Klang Valley (Facebook) & Eco Ardence

Do you love spamming your Insta with gorgeous photos? From cool graffiti art, to fun #ootd backgrounds, and even tons of mouthwatering foodporn, Ardence Labs is the hottest new place for all your Insta needs.

Image via Eco Ardence

Ardence Labs is a 27-acre neighborhood development located at the heart of its flagship township, Eco Ardence. It has many unique attractions that are aesthetically on-point while also providing practical services and products.

It definitely stands out amongst all the cool offerings at Eco Ardence, and is the perfect place for people to do everything from getting some work done in a conducive environment or working out to hanging out with friends and trying new food.

Image via Eco Ardence

Here are our favourite spots at Ardence Labs that are definitely worthy of a spot on your Insta feed:

1. Take your #ootd photos to the next level by adding a splash of colour and fun with bright, vibrant backgrounds

Ardence Labs is home to 26 homegrown brands and outlets so you can indulge in a little retail therapy then show off your new look on the spot! ;)

2. Spots overlooking the lake offer stunning views and make for some really #aesthetic shots

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: The first floor of Big Blind, a chillax bar by the lake with cold beers and a beautiful sunset view.

3. Who knew that a post-practice photo on a football field could look so cool?

Taken at: Ardence Arena, an epic football arena that consists of two floodlit astroturf football pitches.

4. Have some fun with all the hidden graffiti art, you'll stumble across one when you least expect it!

5. And keep an eye out for all the funky art installations too

6. Bring on the #foodporn awww yeaaahh!

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: Mich’sology, a hip yet healthy cafe that offers hearty fuel bowls, granola bowls, and poke bowls, as well as fresh juices.

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: Heritage Nyonya Cuisine, a small and homey restaurant that serves authentic nyonya food.

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: Mun Tai Tai, an adorable little container style pop-up stall that provides a variety of teas with Asian flavours.

Taken at: Bamboo Briyani, a restaurant known for their unique and delectable nasi briyani with your choice of meat, cooked and served in bamboo.

7. If you're into architecture, there's loads of cool buildings and structures for you to go shutter crazy over

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: The gazebo at Maya Park.

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: These glass greenhouses are run by Plant Cartridge, who are planning to grow vegetables there, in addition to also maintaining the edible garden surrounding it.

Image via Eco Ardence

Taken at: Cocomomo, an urban pet hotel with stylish and safe pet boarding rooms, trendy pet grooming, and relaxing pet spa services.

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Image via Eco Ardence

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