6 Interesting Facts About The Chinese Zodiac You Probably Didn't Know

Ever wondered why the cat was not included in the Chinese zodiac?

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1. The Chinese zodiac was used to tell the time in Ancient China

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Back then, there were no watches or clocks to tell the time. So, the Chinese divided the day into 12 two-hour periods, with a zodiac animal being allocated for each slot. Putting it simply, each zodiac animal stood for two hours a day.

Besides that, each animal was allocated a specific time slot based on their personality. For example, the rat that actively scours for food during the night was allocated the 11pm to 1am slot. Meanwhile, the snake was given 9am to 11am, as that's when it leaves its hole in search for food.

2. Did the Chinese zodiac forget about the cat? Nope!

Image via ABC7

There have been several speculations regarding the cat's exclusion from the Chinese zodiac. The first speculation is that the Chinese zodiac is so old that it predates the arrival of cats in ancient China.

Another possible reason for the exclusion is that the cat and the tiger are both part of the feline family. Therefore, it was determined that the Chinese zodiac would only include the tiger.

Other than that, a potential reason for the cat's exclusion was also revealed in a popular Chinese fable. Titled The Great Race, the story is about animals competing in a race to be included in the Chinese zodiac. The cat ended up arriving in 13th place after being betrayed by the rat, which broke its promise to wake the cat up before the race. 

3. Each zodiac has different elements that can only occur once every 60 years

Image via Oprah Daily

Yep, each zodiac has different elements too, and is associated in a cycle consisting of five different elements — metal, water, wood, earth, and fire. Additionally, the five elements are also affected by the balance of yin and yang. Each zodiac sign can only take the form of yin or yang. As an example, the dragon is always yang, and the snake is always yin.

Each zodiac animal occurs once every 12 years, which means that it'll take 60 years to loop back to a particular elemental zodiac. For instance, 2022 marks the Year of the Yang Water Tiger. The last time the Year of the Yang Water Tiger occurred was in 1962.

4. Matchmakers and fortune tellers refer to the Chinese zodiac to determine whether a couple is compatible

Just like the horoscope (Capricorn, Leo, Aquarius, etc.), one's Chinese zodiac is often used as a reference by many families, fortune tellers, and matchmakers to test compatibility.

In fact, this method is still widely used these days, especially by mainland Chinese. They believe that a person's compatibility has been predetermined by their zodiac sign. For instance, if your zodiac sign is the tiger, it is said that you are least compatible with those born in the Year of the Snake, Tiger, Monkey, or Ox, but most compatible with Horse, Dragon, or Pig.

5. It is believed that your zodiac year is considered an unlucky year

Many of us would assume that our luckiest year is our zodiac year. It's actually the opposite.

According to Travel China Guide, it's considered unlucky because it offends Tai Sui, the God of Age who is in charge of everyone's fortune. That's why many Chinese practise traditions such as wearing red, going to the temple to burn incense, buying jade accessories, and more, to ward off bad luck in their zodiac year. 

Besides that, it's believed that our luckiest years fall under other zodiac signs. For instance, the ox and goat are considered to be the luckiest zodiac signs in 2022. Additionally, those born in the Year of Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, and Rooster are said to enjoy a smooth life and money making opportunities this year. 

6. Just like the horoscope, each Chinese zodiac sign also has fated personality traits

Image via Lonely Planets

In other words, the year you were born in determines your zodiac sign, which tells you the possible personality traits you might have.

According to China Highlights, here are the general personality traits each zodiac sign carries:

Rat: Quick-witted, resourceful, and versatile
Ox: Decisive, honest, dependable, and hardworking
Tiger: Brave, competitive, unpredictable, and self-confident
Rabbit: Gentle, quiet, elegant, and alert; quick, skilful, kind, and patient
Dragon: Confident, intelligent, ambitious, persevering, and hardworking
Snake: Intelligent, courageous, confident, insightful, and communicative
Horse: Animated, kind, straightforward, active, and energetic
Goat: Gentle, shy, stable, sympathetic, and amicable
Monkey: Witty, intelligent, ambitious, and adventurous
Rooster: Observant, hardworking, resourceful, courageous, and talented
Dog: Loyal, honest, amiable, kind, cautious, and prudent
Pig: Diligent, compassionate, generous, easy-going, and gentle

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