After Watching This Video, You Will Never Again Mistreat People With Special Needs

This emotionally-charged short film showing the real life situations and the reactions of the people when actual Down Syndrome individuals are being mistreated, insulted and abused will make you rethink about the way you address/treat people in your day-to-day life.

  • The video starts a narration of how God created humans and he chose a special few, how they are the ones who are experiencing the Down Syndrome

  • The video shows the hidden side of people by capturing people's reactions towards people with special needs

  • The video, through the narration, questions what if we're one of them? What if we're the one being discriminated? What then?

  • It shows us how we're not kind towards those with special needs. How we judge them and treat them badly.

  • It highlights our ugly side where instead of understanding others, especially people with special needs, we expect them to understand us and our needs first

  • But as the saying goes, not everyone is same, this video too shows how there are good people who not only sees a wrong but also steps in to correct it. They are the people keeping the hope for the humanity still alive.

  • It shows the more humane side of those who are willing, of those who not only understand but also shows others how to be understanding of others

  • The video ends with narration telling us how they are just like us. Just because they are the ones with special needs, doesn't mean they are different. We should treat them as equals and be understanding of them.

  • Watch the heartwarming video here:

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  • This short film was made by a Jason Lim and his crew

    • While the video is only about 7 minutes long but it took them about 3 weeks to make it. This is not a big challenge for other film production company but being a small unit, it was a really mentally challenging for the crew.
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